17 Oct

Events blog: Good to Go

Audio/Video, Church planting, Commission, Events, Going to the nations

When Jesus said, ‘and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth’ (Acts 1:8) it was quite a statement considering the tiny number of men and women who knew Him at that time. But what an impact those individuals went on to have on the world around them.

Generations later, the echoes of that impact is still seen, and the words of Jesus to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’ continue to resound with us like the clear ringing of a bell. But our mission is not complete, and so it falls to us to continue to give all our energy to seeing it fulfilled.

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12 Oct

Devoted Audio & Video

Audio/Video, ChristCentral, Events

It’s great to be able to release the first two videos from the main session at Devoted 2016. The final two will be released over the next two weeks!

On The Road To Emmaus – Lee Yarbrough

(Click the image to view online)


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12 Oct

ENOUGH – Your Stories…

Audio/Video, Relational MIssion

We are now approaching the end of our second year of gathering together for ENOUGH ‘nights of prayer’.

Over this period, ENOUGH and what is represents has become a key part of our DNA. We have seen a number of answers to prayer as God has responded to our heart felt requests.

We wanted to give you a taste of what God has been doing, so we have collated together a few of your stories / testimonies showing what ENOUGH means to you and how your prayers have been answered. We hope you will be encouraged by these!

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10 Oct

Prayer: Cluj, Romania

Church planting, Going to the nations, International, New Ground

Throughout October, we are taking a look at a few of our New Ground churches from across Romania. This week we have an update from Flavius in Cluj about some new missional activities that they’ve started.

Since February when I came to plant the church in Cluj, we have seen God do some incredible things,

Lately, we feel that God is calling us to be more visible in our local community. It’s a challenge to step out in faith and to rely totally on Him, but we want to be obedient to God’s plan to take this ministry that we’ve launched in Cluj to the next level.

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10 Oct

Events blog: 10:10

Commission, Events, UK

1 in 3 adults in the UK are single.

That’s approximately 22 million people.

Of these, only 15% (3.2 million) attend church once a month.


The topic of singleness in the church is a hard one to breach. It seems that if you come down too strong on one side, it can still sound like you’re ultimately pushing marriage as the end goal of a Christian’s life and if you come down too strong on the other side, it can sound like you’re a super sensitive singleton who hates the institution of marriage. This blog post is not intended to be evidence for either extreme.

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05 Oct

Move Hastings

Ministry to the poor, New Ground, UK

Dance classes are big business these days, but King’s Church Hastings has decided to offer free dance classes to children in the community. Over the past 18 months, over 200 people have attended one of the Move dance classes. We caught up with Joanna Mutu, who runs the classes, to find out more.

Jo, you’re part of the leadership team at King’s Church Hastings. Can you tell us a bit about your role at King’s?

My role at King’s has a variety of elements: I lead our youth group, head up our Impact year program and help the church in the area of creativity. I spend my time pastoring, coming up with new ideas for the church, thinking about how we can bring creativity into our big events and using creativity to reach out through social action.

Why did you decide to start the Move dance classes?

A few years ago, our lead elder Paul Mann went to a conference and felt God speak to him about King’s becoming more creative. Paul knew that I had studied dance at university and asked me whether I would consider joining the team at King’s and utilising my dance and creativity skills. A little while later I had a dream of children dancing. As they danced I saw the word ‘move’ written over them. I felt God saying I should start dance classes under the name ‘Move’, believing that they would allow the Holy Spirit to move in a different way.

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05 Oct

Healing Since Catalyst Festival


Carrie Tubbs is part of Christ Church in Hailsham, and in 2013 was diagnosed with MS after a long struggle of various ailments and pain.

It came somewhat as a relief to finally have a diagnosis, however things didn’t improve. Carrie visited a neurologist in Brighton as the pain was so high she could no longer walk unassisted, and was relying heavily on using her scooter to get herself around. When she wasn’t using a scooter she was using a stick to help her when walking. The neurologist prescribed some drugs with a new treatment plan, which after 2 years, Carrie saw enough improvement, that she slowly stopped using her scooter as of late 2015. (You can imagine this must be a huge relief!)

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03 Oct

Prayer: Brasov, Romania

Church planting, International, New Ground

Throughout October, we are taking a look at a few of our New Ground churches from across Romania. This week we have an update from Adrian in Brasov about some of what’s going on with their church.

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Proiectul clădirii:
De la ultimul meu articol legat de clădire se pare că nu s-a schimbat prea mult la clădirea noastră, cel puțin nu pe exterior. Am ajuns la limitele noastre din punct de vedere tehnic, așa că e timpul să ni se alăture un architect designer, care să ne ajute cu detalii și care să coordoneze toți specialiștii care lucrează la acest proiect. Când veți citi acest articol, sperăm să-l fi angajat déjà. Suntem aproape gata cu planurile pentru toate instalațiile, așa că acum este doar o chestiune de bani. Pentru următoarea fază avem nevoie de aproximativ 100.000 euro. Asta va acoperi costurile pentru izolarea și închiderea clădirii cu geamuri și uși. Acesta este un nou salt în credință pentru biserica noastră, dar suntem gata să umblăm pe apă. Oricum, n-ar fi pentru prima oară…!

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03 Oct

Advance: North America 2016 resources

Advance, Audio/Video, Church planting, Events, International, Training leaders

Advance North America took place over three days in Eastern North Carolina as Pastors, Leaders and Church Planters gathered to be encouraged by PJ Smyth, Alan Frow, Donnie Griggs, Matthew Hosier, Josh Kouri and others. In addition to great times of fellowship and worship, this gathering included talks on Leadership Reproduction, Leading Healthy Teams, Leading and a Healthy Soul, Leading a Plant and more. We hope that these sessions encourage you as a leader no matter where you find yourself.

The audio files from all the main sessions are available now.


Source: Advance

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30 Sep

Miriam Swaffield – Interview

Events, New Ground, UK

Miriam Swaffield will be speaking at Connect 2016 in November. We asked her a few questions to find out more about her.

Five questions about your 20s and 30s:

What have been your best moments?

Well I turned 28 last week, so no idea about my 30s yet! But best moments so far in my 20s include road tripping to every uni location in the UK in a bright orange camper van (see photo). Getting to travel to some cool new places and meet incredibly inspiring disciples of Jesus. Silly things like spending a dream day surfing, eating pancakes and going to the cinema which I did in South Africa and just loved life. Also seeing great moments of relationship breakthrough, like my sister and I finding ourselves in brilliant best-friendship and sisterhood as adults to a whole new level than when we were kids.

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