23 Aug

Summer update from Nis, Serbia

Going to the nations, Relational MIssion

It has been an amazing summer of children’s and youth work this year with the Nis church organising a total of three camps reaching 60+ young people with the gospel, most of whom are unchurched. Using varied teaching styles and media, the message of hope has gone out without compromise to tomorrow’s generation. Pray for the seeds of these amazing outreaches to grow and produce fruit all over Serbia and beyond.

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21 Aug

Application for Catalyst Social Action Funding


You may remember from this year’s Catalyst offering video that as of September 2017, we will be launching a Catalyst Social Action Fund, that churches across Catalyst will be able to apply for. If this is of interest to you, please read below for more information. (Application deadline 29 September)

The Catalyst Social Action Fund (CSAF) is a new initiative amongst Catalyst churches, seeking to help churches begin and expand projects serving disadvantaged people within their communities.

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21 Aug

Knowing God’s Big Story Leads Us Into His Mission

Newfrontiers USA

My wife, Marlene, and I [Sam Poe] have had the privilege of being involved in various nations and cultures for the sake of the Gospel. We are often asked,  “How can churches maintain a strong focus on reaching across cultural and racial boundaries in mission?” There is a lot that could be said on this subject, but I am convinced that a primary factor is that every person added to the church must see themselves as a functioning member of the family that God has chosen to bless all the nations. In order for this vision to live in our hearts we must know ‘God’s Big Salvation Story’ found in the Bible.

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21 Aug

Helping Millennials Integrate Their Faith and Work


Millennials want to make a tangible difference in the world. They are idealistic and ambitious and have grown up in a globalized world where technology and change have been constants. They also have high views of their own abilities, amplified by social media, the availability of “platform,” and an upbringing full of “participation trophies.” Because of all this, Christian Millennials (of which I am one!) often have grand, dramatic dreams for work. They wants jobs that are unique, world-impacting, and hopefully well-paying! They aim for significance.

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17 Aug

The Ode of a Newday Zone Host


Awake in the night listening to rain
Well placed ice packs when feeling the strain
Spacing those tents to ensure a safe distance
Getting it right aides coexistence.

Welcoming all with smiles and sweets
Giving assurance with replies on repeat
Directing the lost with maps and good grace
Shifting the freezers to maximise space

Finding the child who wandered from mum
Keeping kids safe while ensuring their fun
Spraying the sinks and mopping with vigour
Trying and failing to pull down that zipper

Queuing for showers at early 5.30
Teens these days don’t tolerate dirty.
Whenever you need them they’ll sort out the flushes
And when the loo blocks they’ll get out the brushes.

These are the heroes of Newday each year
Whenever you see them give them a cheer
Enjoy your time with us, have a real blast
We’re all here for Jesus – the first and the last.


Source: Newday

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08 Aug

RAY & SUE LOWE – Our first travel log as we visit the USA & Mexico

Regions Beyond

We’ve been away for just over a month but packed lots in.  First visit was to friends in Aptos, San Jose, CA.  Keith Rushing has been a close friend for nearly 30 years.  I first met him when he was pastoring a church in El Paso, Texas as part of the People of Destiny movement led at that time by Larry Tomzak and CJ Mahaney.

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07 Aug

Bible Shorts Week 1


Hello and welcome to our post-Newday blog.

We know that going home after such an amazing week can be tough.  All your mates have gone on holiday. You are desperately missing school work (I jest).  Perhaps you have only just given your life to Jesus and you aren’t quite sure what you are supposed to do next?  Well, have no fear – we are here to help.  This blog will cover the basics of what it means now you have decided to follow Jesus.  Everyday there is a bit of the bible for you to read and a little explanation.  We have tried to include a question for you to think about or something to do. You might also find it helpful to make a note of your thoughts, questions or prayers.

This week we are looking at what it means to become a Christian. Maybe you did the Just Looking seminar stream, perhaps you responded at the end of an incredible preach or just prayed with your youth leader – it’s all good. But what exactly has happened to you? Let’s find out.

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04 Aug

Jubilee in Livingstone- Zambia

Going to the nations, International, Ministry to the poor, Regions Beyond

Last month, a team from South Africa led by Gary Welsh, visited our friends in Livingstone, Zambia. One of the team members was Justice Mofokeng from Clarens. We caught up with Justice and asked him about the trip.

Question: When Gary first asked you to accompany him to Zambia, what was your first reaction?

Justice:  I was very excited! I have been before and built some good friendships with the people in Livingston and so I was so glad to see them again and also find out how they are doing.

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04 Aug

News From Joy In The City Church In Bloemfontein, South Africa

Church planting, Going to the nations, International, Regions Beyond

We had Our Big Launch with bunting, people flying in, collections and celebrations back in March and it already seems like years ago! Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who sent messages, prayed or visited over that time – it was incredible. Naturally we were a bit worried about the week afterwards – a bit like releasing ‘the difficult second album’ after a hit album. We needn’t have worried as God brought along visitors and the kids from the boarding school where we meet joined in with us dancing and celebrating. It felt like we really had momentum going.

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02 Aug

‘Equipped’, by Chris Kilby

Commission, Training leaders

‘Climb a mountain in flip flops and a vest, you’ll be fine’. Err, don’t think so.

‘Sure, you can borrow my car, son … and don’t worry about taking any lessons first, it will be more fun’,
said no parent, ever!

Paul, the great missionary church planter and apostle, taught that Jesus gave specific gifts to the church to ‘equip’ or ‘prepare’ God’s people for their own works of service. For us to try and engage in such works without being equipped or prepared could be as dangerous as scaling Everest in your summer gear, or driving without having any lessons … it’s incredibly risky.

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