15 Nov

Jeremy Simpkins speaks to Nigel Ring

ChristCentral, Ministry to the poor

From time to time I [Nigel] bring a report from one of the Newfrontiers apostolic teams when I meet up with an old friend who leads one. It is always such a joy to hear what God is doing around the world and how he continues to show favour on us as an ever expanding family of churches.

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09 Nov

Newday Live 2017


Turn up your volume! This is a CD! This particular CD is one of the 750/1,000 limited edition Newday Worship Live 2017 albums that we have left at HQ. …… We all love a bit of Spotify and iTunes Music. But you can’t use Spotify as a Newday branded coaster for your can of Monster or play iTunes music in your mates car because they haven’t even got bluetooth yet. Link in the bio if you want a free instant grat track and sheet music… oh… and a great live Worship CD. …… @newdayworship @newdaythelounge #lovejesus #nd17 #worship http://ift.tt/2yhI0qW

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06 Nov

Empowered and buzzing

Ministry to the poor

It’s nine days after the 2017 Jubilee+ conference and I [Natalie Williams] am still buzzing! This was our seventh Churches that Change Communities conference but the first time that the annual event has sold out. What a day we had together!

From the first song of worship in the morning, the atmosphere was incredible. We were packed in to City Church Cambridge (who hosted us wonderfully) and the presence of God was palpable from the start.

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06 Nov

The power of prayer

Relational MIssion

After the recent Pioneer conference in Malaga, Spain, we received the following email from a man named David, whom some of our delegates had met in the hotel. All delegate names have been changed.

I am 48 years old and I live and work in London. I went on a motorcycling trip across the Riff Mountains in Morocco. I was with a number of friends aged between 39 & 55 being led by three guides across trails in remote parts of the mountain range (I’m the one with the ‘rabbit ears’ in the picture). All of us are experienced, well trained motorcyclists and the guides are professionals. There was no silliness or daredevil stunting that sometimes people imagine is what motocross riders do, just a group of friends on a travel adventure we’d all saved up for. Motorbikes are the only vehicle that can traverse the terrain and cover large distances in the places the guides took us.

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03 Nov

Refugee Resource Centre for Churches

Ministry to the poor

R2C2 is a network specifically for churches and individual Christians wanting to engage with those seeking sanctuary in the UK.
It resources Christians to support asylum seekers and refugees in their churches and communities with the love and compassion of Christ.

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03 Nov

Finding a Venue For a Church Plant

Broadcast Network, Church planting

When you are church planting, you are usually starting with nothing. You typically have few people, probably no money and it is very unlikely that you have a building to call your own. This is a headache and a blessing all at the same time. If you speak to leaders of established churches who have those things, they will often tell you that as well as providing a great resource, they impose constraints on what you can do. When you are planting a church, the difficult bit is figuring out how to make it work with limited resources, but the opportunity before you is shaping something from the ground up: growing disciples who are on board with the vision, developing the kind of culture that you want to see around finance, and picking a place to meet that perfectly fits what you are trying to do.

In different content on Broadcast we look at some of the different aspects of this, but in this article we will think about how to find an ideal venue for a church plant to meet in.

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02 Nov

Impartation & Training

Newfrontiers USA, Training leaders

Training is a broad term, but there is one aspect on which I [Mike Lawson] would like to focus: impartation. The kind of training I am interested in goes beyond the transfer of knowledge. If what we learn about God doesn’t ultimately affect the way we live our lives then we must question if it’s worth devoting our time and brain cells to retain it or to teach it.

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30 Oct

Whatever happened to the promised revival?


Talk of revival isn’t nearly as common as it used to be. In the latest edition of Christianity, Terry Virgo explains why now may be the time to pray again.

Revival is a theme which used to stir believers more than it does today. When I was first converted in the 60s it was the subject of prayer meetings and inspiring books recounting amazing stories of what God had done in previous generations. Excitement continued to build and by the 1990s our worship songs were full of revival-centred lyrics such as ‘We need another Pentecost’, ‘A time of jubilee is coming when young and old return to Jesus’ and ‘Send revival, start with me’.

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27 Oct

Happy memories, new friends, and a big shot of faith

Church planting, Going to the nations, Relational MIssion

Thank you so much for your prayers for the Pioneer conference a couple of weeks ago. If you follow us, Mike, or RM Pioneer on twitter you likely saw the flood of tweets speaking of the outpouring of the Spirit and the uplifting teaching and worship.

We asked Natalie Prince and Martin Lazenby to reflect on the conference for us.

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26 Oct


Equipping apostles, Events, International

Deb and I [Steve Tibbert] have just returned from a fantastic week at the Newfrontiers Global 2017 conference, our annual gathering of apostolic leaders from around the world. For the last few years this has been held in Turkey but on this occasion we met on the other side of the Aegean Sea, in Athens, Greece. Newfrontiers has emerged from its transition from our founding father Terry Virgo to a band of brothers leading their own families of churches but joined together as Newfrontiers for mutual support, encouragement and accountability.

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