10 Feb

Glasgow Grace – one year in!

Advance, Church planting, UK

Iain & Lyndsay Kennedy planted Glasgow Grace Church in late 2018, with their first public meetings launching in January 2019. Now one year in, Iain shares some perspectives with us after their first year of ministry to their fellow Glaswegians.

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04 Feb

Wakefield Church Plant: News & Update

Catalyst, Church planting, UK

David and Karen Lavery are heading up the team planting a new church into Wakefield, in the north of England. Wakefield is a historic city of approximately one hundred thousand people, but the wider borough, which incorporates towns such as Pontefract and Castleford, makes it one of the UK’s larger cities with a population of over three hundred thousand. It is a fast growing city and has a large scale house-building project underway. In this blog, they share some of their experiences over the last few months, how God’s been speaking, and how things have moved forward:
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14 Jan

Epsom Church Plant

Church planting, New Ground, UK

Church planting is in our DNA and is something that becomes a wonderful and fulfilling way to outwork God’s call on our life. Abi and I were married in 2002 and we chose to be a part of Oasis Church in Birmingham, a church plant from Bedford. This was our first experience of what it meant to be involved in the process of church planting. It was inspiring to hear the amazing steps of faith and testimony that David Stroud and others took as they left Bedford to set up their new home in Birmingham.

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06 Jan

A new partner in South Wales, GodFirst Barry

Advance, Church planting, UK

GodFirst Church Barry, a young plant into the Welsh town of the same name, officially partnered with Advance at the recent UK Conference. Rhys and Rachel Gronow give us an introduction to their fellowship and the journey to partnership with Advance.

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11 Jul

Planting Churches Together

Church planting, Commission, Training leaders

The Great Commission, to take the Gospel to every neighborhood and nation, is given to every generation. It has to be, because every generation needs to be freshly evangelized and discipled. The timeless New Testament strategy for this is church planting. We need to be convinced of this.

We also need to be sobered, because planting churches is hard. Planting healthy churches is even harder. Repeating the process on a regular basis is harder still. It is hard to birth a new church without the “mother” church taking major strain. It is hard to plant churches that are more about reproduction than merely repositioning believers from an existing church into a new one.

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03 Jul

Church In The Park 2019


One big marquee, one hundred and thirty two volunteers during the week, many more people involved with the set up, fifteen churches from the city represented and much excitement in the lead up …. all working towards Church In The Park 2019.

This is the second time that Church in the Park has popped up in the middle of a Southampton Park. It is organised and run by members of Southampton Christian Network (SCN). This event started out as a Life Church event called Parklife and has gradually grown and included many churches across Southampton, increasing the opportunities to pray for the sick, share about the difference Jesus makes to life, and seeing God at work.

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12 Jun

Nehemiah Series – Downs 1983

Audio/Video, ChristCentral

This series on Nehemiah by Terry Virgo was recorded at Downs 1983. The Newfrontiers conference called Downs was the forerunner to the very well known Stoneleigh Bible weeks. This series has been digitised by popular demand. For more details or to get in touch with us please contact: info@christcentralchurches.org

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09 May

Being a Good Local

Church planting, Confluence

Several years ago, I [Brice Fogle] heard Donnie Griggs speak at our Mobilize conference. Donnie leads One Harbor Church in Morehead City, North Carolina. Morehead City is a small, coastal town of about 9,000 people, and Donnie spoke about what it takes to have a fruitful ministry and a growing church in a small town. One of the things he talked about was the importance of being a “good local.” This statement struck me as something that could also apply to my context here in Atlanta.

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07 May

Catching up with Ben & Lois Franks in the Rhondda Valleys

Advance, Church planting

Ben, can you give us an update on the Franks family? Remind us a bit about the Rhondda Valleys?

We are Ben and Lois Franks. We live in the Rhondda Valleys in South Wales, UK. We have two little boys; Evan who is three and a half and Caleb who is nearly two.

We absolutely love where we live. Our region is a network of small villages and towns that came to prominence during the industrial revolution and became the heartlands of spiritual revival in the late 19th and early 20th century. Sadly, the heavy industry has long ceased and has left a bunch of socio-economic challenges, an unchurched population (less than 1%) and a lot of hopelessness.

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02 May

Getting to know the Movement Church

Advance, Church planting

We caught up with Corey Sanders who leads the Movement Church with his wife Robin. The Movement Church is located in South Florida (USA) and has recently partnered with Advance. We wanted to share the background story of this inspiring community of Christ followers.

Tell us a bit about your neighborhood and the Movement Church?

Homestead is a growing suburban community that sits about thirty miles south of Miami, Florida; one of the country’s most vibrant and culturally rich cities. It’s the kind of place that offers a small-town feel but still includes areas offering big city amenities. West Homestead, which is also called Old Homestead, has struggled greatly because of issues of property, poor education and crime.

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