31 May

Montpellier – Church In The Mediterranean

Church planting, Going to the nations, International, New Ground

One fantastic thing about being a part of New Ground is the relationship with the wider family of churches sharing a common vision both in France and across Europe.

It’s so precious to have regular apostolic visits from New Ground leaders, bringing valuable input and keeping our vision alive with their teaching and encouragement. We at La Source, Montpellier, have recently been blessed by visits from Dave and Liz Holden, and from Henk and Eunee Kersten.

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24 May

Creating a church accessible to the poor

Ministry to the poor, News

This blog was originally published by Hope into Action here

Ed Walker gave me [Martin Charlesworth] a challenging seminar title: How to create a church accessible to the poor. This is such an important question and one that will keep arising though the work of Hope into Action as tenants start to pursue a spiritual journey of faith and seek to link up with nearby churches. I’ve given a lot of thought to this question and seen many attempts to make churches accessible to poorer people.

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11 May

Churches that Change Communities 2018

Events, Ministry to the poor, UK

Following last year’s fully booked event, we are excited about what is in store for us at Churches that Change Communities 2018! We hope you’ll join us…

(Please note that when you book in, you’ll be asked for seminar choices and email addresses for each person being registered. Scroll to the bottom of this event for seminar info and booking link.)

Over the last year, we’ve seen the needs in our communities continue to grow. In many of our towns and cities, homelessness is increasing, food poverty keeps rising, more and more people are trapped in overwhelming debt. Christians remain at the forefront of tackling poverty and campaigning for justice, but we still have some way to go until we can truly say we have built churches where the poorest and most vulnerable are not only welcomed, but fully included and involved.

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10 May

Festival 2018: Count Everyone In

Catalyst, Events, Ministry to the poor, Training leaders

Sarah has Downs Syndrome and tends to stammer. Sarah is a full member of her church. Sarah reduced the congregation to tears when she read about Jesus weeping following the death of his friend Lazarus; she read with intense feeling and heartfelt pauses.

Two members of the Doorway group at Grace Community Church, Stevenage have recently been baptised. There was careful preparation by those who know them best, plus a few tweaks to the sermon and the worship. For many years the church has been pleased to welcome people with learning disabilities. It isn’t just a case of making a decision for Christ but becoming His disciples and being encouraged to use the gifts God has given them.

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10 May

God’s Diverse People!

Confluence, Going to the nations

One of the great delights in Newfrontiers is the representation of our biblical and apostolic value of diversity. I (John Lanferman) love our international events that gather Africans, Pakistanis, Russians, eastern Europeans, Asians, Latin Americans, and other nations from across the globe. We all gather as one family, praying for each other and worshiping together. In Jesus we find our oneness; racial and cultural barriers are eliminated and the presence of the Holy Spirit unifies us in Jesus, making us one people.

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07 May

Festival 2018: Behind the Scenes with Sputnik

Catalyst, Events

1st June, 2016. About noon. The last of the Festival exhibition has been packed into the van. Bleary eyed and still slightly wired on adrenaline, I [Jonny Mellor] wave goodbye to the Catalyst Festival. A disquieting question suddenly looms over me: how can the Sputnik team follow such a packed programme of live art, creative workshops and artist meet ups? It is that question that the Sputnik crew have been pondering, on and off, for the last two years. But now the pondering is over. The Festival Magazine is at the printers and plans have now been laid out.

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03 May

What is a Prophetic Masterclass?

Relational MIssion

Mike Bollinger and Angela Kemm recently hosted a Prophetic Masterclass. What was it all about and how did it go? Mike tells us all…

The background

In February 2015, at Prayer and Equipping, we set out a framework for developing the prophetic in our local churches: Hear, Express, and Refine

HEAR: We encourage all our people of their inheritance in hearing God’s voice.

EXPRESS: From that, we then instruct and encourage them in expressing what they hear in a good prophetic culture of gifting and character.

REFINE: Out of that will emerge a few with prophetic ministry that we refine working in team.

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25 Apr

Vancouver – Youth Supporting Homeless Shelter

ChristCentral, Ministry to the poor

One of Trinity Central’s core values is that we are a family on Jesus’ mission together. So you know that when we tell you we’re excited about our youth stepping into serving opportunities, we really, really, (REALLY) mean it!

Belkin House is a homeless shelter in the heart of Vancouver. The facility can house up to 24 men, women and children, and can feed even more than that, with the help of 114 full and part time employees as well as volunteers. Their mission statement is to “share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs and be a transforming influence within our community”. This is where WE come in!

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25 Apr

Life Tastes Better – by Terry Virgo


Letting Jesus take control of your life is a scary thought and a stumbling block for many. It’s easy to think that following Jesus would make life less fun and more limited. Drawing on his decades of introducing the real Jesus to people, founder of Newfrontiers Terry Virgo reveals the surprising truth that the Jesus who turned water into wine is ready to make every life taste better, both now and eternally. Because when we let Jesus take charge, our biggest problems are sorted out and we are free from the pressure of relying on ourselves for everything.

Easy-to-read, short, clear, faithful and conversational, this is a perfect book to give to a non-believing friend.

Source: ChristCentral Churches


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24 Apr

Modern slavery: time to act

Ministry to the poor

“Not all of us can do great things.  But we can do small things with great love.”  Mother Teresa

If you’re anything like us, you might look at the fight against modern-day slavery and be overwhelmed.  You might look at your own circumstances and wonder what difference you can possibly make.

It’s easy to be submerged by those feelings and allow them to prevent us from doing anything at all.

But at Hope at Home, we have great news for you!

You CAN make a difference.

We have many opportunities for you to be involved.

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