19 Aug

Grace 3.0

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“Whenever my experience disagrees with Jesus’ promises, the problem is not with Jesus’ promises”

At the New Ground Leadership Conference in June, Phil Moore preached on ‘Grace 3.0’. In his preach, Phil outlined:

Grace 1.0 – forgiveness by grace

Grace 2.0 – freedom by grace

Grace 3.0 – fruitfulness by grace

Have a listen here:


Source: New Ground

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18 Aug

From New Zealand to Peru – The Life of a Film Maker


Pip Piper is an indie filmmaker, CEO of The Producers Forum and a part time lecturer at Birmingham City University. He’s the co-founder of BFilm Micro and founding director of OSBD media charity. He’s been married to his wife Debbie for 26 years with 3 grown up sons and is part of Oasis Church Birmingham. Pip recently made the worlds first ever film about the history of UK mountain biking, (and it’s pretty amazing), so we thought we would find out how he ended up making films. 

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17 Aug

Proverbs for a Social Media Age

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The book of Proverbs is a collection of nuggets of wisdom that was compiled around 3000 years ago. In our age, where talk is cheap and social media trolls abound, it is more relevant than ever before. Here are 29 of our faves…

  • “When words are many, transgression is not lacking, but whoever restrains his lips is prudent.” (Proverbs 10:19)
  • “With his mouth, the godless man would destroy his neighbour, but by knowledge the righteous are delivered.” (Proverbs 11:9)
  • “Whoever belittles his neighbour lacks sense, but a man of understanding remains silent.” (Proverbs 11:12)
  • “The vexation of a fool is known at once, but the prudent ignores an insult.” (Proverbs 12:16)
  • “There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” (Proverbs 12:18)
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17 Aug

A fruitful Newday

Events, New Ground, Newday

A few weeks ago, Glo Youth at Jubilee Community Church travelled to Norfolk to spend a week at Newday.

From my perspective [Wuese Kusu-Orkar], the intensely soul-growing sermons and teaching this year set themselves apart from any other Newday.  Joel Virgo spoke from Matthew 16 in the 15-19 morning meetings, a series which served to challenge each of us about truly and wholly living for God and being like Simon, who Jesus gave the name Peter, the ‘rock’. Later on in the week Muriithi Wanjau reinforced Joel Virgo’s key points, preaching a sermon about God’s purpose for us, calling us to ask God for direction and clarity about his plans for us.

I valued the opportunity to explore creative areas at Newday; the Prayer Space challenged me to step out in faith, and to trust him with my worries by writing them down and giving them over to him. It was a place of worship just as the Big Top was, giving another opportunity to turn to God and really listen to Him. The room was lit up with art and different types of interactive pieces; it was a place of real honesty with God.

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13 Aug

When You Eliminate the Impossible…

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History is a discipline of interpretation.

As none of us were present at the events studied by most historians, the challenge is to look at the evidence that has been left, the recorded testimonies of those who were witnesses to the events and piece together the events into a coherent explanation.

In many cases, historians disagree over what happened. Evidence can be vague, and can be open to multiple equally valid interpretations.

In other cases, the evidence is overwhelming and rules out the proposals that some would wish to suggest.

There is a famous line from Sherlock Holmes that says,

When you eliminate the impossible; whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

In the case of the resurrection of Jesus, the evidence is clear. There are historical facts that do not lend themselves to any other interpretation (and over the centuries, people have tried all sorts of explanations).

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12 Aug

Faith Is Being Fully Persuaded

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Delays do not change the promise nor the power for God to act.

At the New Ground Leadership Conference in June, Dave Holden preached on ‘Faith is being fully persuaded’. In this preach Dave highlights four areas where the enemy has robbed us of faith:

  1. Too busy to delight in God
  2. Cynicism
  3. Past disappointment
  4. Fear

Watch Dave’s preach below:


Source: New Ground

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12 Aug

“Being part of Leadership Training was a Privilege”

Catalyst, Training leaders

Leadership Foundations is a two-year training course for leaders, developing your leadership skills, theology, doctrine, and character. Wherever you’re called to lead – in your church, your workplace or your community – Leadership Foundations is designed to help you develop your gift. We interviewed two students, (one in his 50’s and one in her 20’s) who have just completed their 2 years on the course to find out how it went.

What prompted you to do Leadership Training?

Chris Large: I joined a New Frontiers church in Hailsham only 2 years ago, just before I started the training, having been part of and preaching at an Anglican church for 30 years prior. My wife had done something similar in the Anglican setting and loved it, and after chatting with Andy Johnston who oversees the training, I felt it was time for me to this course.

Iona Holland: The senior pastor in my church and my mentor both suggested it to me as the next step for developing my leadership skills as well as getting a good foundation in biblical theology. So I did it!

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10 Aug

Youth Nations Trip: Paris

Going to the nations, International, New Ground

With GCSEs and A Levels finally over, a team of twelve young people and adults set off for Paris on New Ground’s first ever Youth Nations Trip.

Assembled from around the UK, we were a diverse bunch, yet all united by our desire for adventure and the desire to see God’s work in a new country. Despite not knowing much French, it was a thoroughly encouraging and inspiring experience for all of us!

The trip began on Saturday 2nd July with a training day at New Community Church. Having gotten to know each other through a couple of interesting icebreakers, we prepared ourselves for the trip ahead by looking at the Bible to see God’s heart and plan for the nations right from Genesis all the way to Revelation. We shared our own experiences of outreach and evangelism and heard from some guest speakers. God gave us pictures and words of encouragement as we spent time praying together.

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09 Aug

Loving Coventry one Motofest at a Time

Catalyst, Events, UK

Have you ever heard of MotoFest? It is a free motorsport festival that takes place across the city of Coventry, including a 1.5 mile motorsport circuit, live music, heritage displays and of course food. Welcoming 125,000 people to the event in 2016 and over 1000 motors, you may not have known that this was started on the back of an idea from James Noble, a leader at Jubilee Church in Coventry.

“I left my career in the motor industry to join the staff  team at Jubilee just over 5 years ago. I knew I had been involved in demonstrating and advancing God’s Kingdom in my previous employment and to be honest was a little concerned that my move to working for the church would actually limit the opportunities for this. Early on in my church employment I heard about an initiative that was starting in the city called Coventry Champions, whose aim was to bring together Business and Community Leaders to make Coventry a more vibrant place to live, work and do business in. Andrew Simpkins (who leads the eldership team here) and I decided to get involved in this, which led to my idea for MotoFest and provided the early introductions to the council that made what was frankly a bonkers idea actually happen!”

How is Jubilee Church Coventry involved in Motofest?

Jubilee Church Coventry has been behind Coventry MotoFest from the start. The church community as a whole has embraced the event and gets involved in many ways, from praying that Coventry is blessed through MotoFest, to many individuals giving up their time to make it happen. The MotoFest core team is made up of a mixture of people from Jubilee Church, together with event and motorsport professionals. Not only does Jubilee Church release some of my paid time to lead this team but also is one of its sponsors.

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05 Aug

Worth a few early mornings

New Ground, Training leaders

The alarm went: 4.45am. “Lord, are you sure you want me to go? I’m so tired!”

My wife and I [Andy Wall] had thought long and hard about doing the New Ground Academy. We both have busy jobs and already fill our weekends up too quickly. Living in Edinburgh, we knew that the trip to London every month was going to be tiring. But as we’d thought and prayed, it became clear that God was asking us to sign up; so we went for it.

And how glad I am that we did. From the first session I knew I was attending something that was going to have an impact both now and in the future. Everyday Church Wimbledon was filled with 120 diverse men and women from England, Holland, France, Romania and Scotland (!), passionate to see the church grow and the gospel taken to our neighbours and beyond.

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