Who Cares? Robert & Sylvia’s story

Audio/Video, Newday, Relational MIssion, UK December 17, 2015

Robert and Sylvia completed the Who Cares? survey after their marriage had broken down. Here’s their story:



Rob Tervet, who leads Christ Community Church in Attleborough (Norfolk, UK) initiated the Who Cares? mission in 2014, when more than 50 churches from across Norfolk, UK came together to ask their local communities one question: What hurts the most? They received more than 20,000 responses, ran over 100 events and projects sharing the hope of the gospel, and saw 1400 people attend the largest Alpha supper of its kind in the UK. Even better, many people were added to local churches as a result of the Who Cares? mission.


The Who Cares? mission continues. A number of large groups of churches in different parts of the UK are now actively exploring how they might run an official Who Cares? mission in their communities. Check out the Who Cares? website for more information and stories.


Source: Relational Mission

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