What’s the big IDea?

Relational MIssion, Training leaders January 26, 2018

ID stands for Intentional Discipleship. Whilst the whole of a Christian’s life is one of following Jesus and by being discipled by the church, there is great benefit in giving an extended period of time to receive deep, intentional and hopefully life-changing discipleship. This is true for Christians of any age, but there is a particular benefit to taking such a year sometime in the very formative years of 18-25. ID is a course designed to give just that opportunity. It is an eleven month course that consists of a placement in a local church, opportunities to grow in gifting and service, mentoring, excellent teaching in doctrine and spiritual growth, coaching in evangelism, fellowship with other Christians of your age, and short term immersion in oversees mission.

We’ve run the ID course for three years now and had roughly 50 students come through the course. After finishing the year some have gone on to employment in youth work, others are leading ministries in their church, some are preaching, one or two are being considered for church eldership, and all of them are faithfully living for Jesus at work or at university.

Here’s some feedback from previous students:

I have never experienced a year that saw God change my heart so much. My understanding of his word grew, my desire to worship increased, plus I was able to serve the church in a whole host of ways, which allowed me to work out how I best fit. And it was a lot of fun – I made friendships that stand strong to this day. – Jason, Canterbury

At times ID has felt like major heart surgery, but glorious. During the year I had a deep revelation of how the death and resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of my faith and key to my identity as a Christian. – Parveen, Medway

I always felt like I didn’t have enough time for my faith and setting this year aside has been amazing – I am a different person. My faith has come alive in prayer, in worship, in closeness with God, in a love for the Bible and many other ways. I’m so thankful! – Mal, Cambridge

ID has been about unlocking potential and passion. I have stepped out in the prophetic, I’ve enjoyed reading and studying, and above all, getting insight into who God is and all that he’s done for me. The year has helped me understand discipleship for the first time. – Matt, Cambridge

I am so glad that I’ve done ID! I have learned so much; about my character as I serve the Church, and about who God is as I worked through the study program and enjoy the training weeks. Learning about God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit has completely changed my view of God! – Suzie, Canterbury

Next year we’re looking to send ID interns across the UK. Here’s just a handful of locations and opportunities:

  • Ramsgate (Kent): community café for youth, ministry in one of UK’s poorest regions
  • Canterbury (Kent): students, youth, kids
  • Maidstone (Kent): community outreach, ministry to the poor
  • Camden (London): food bank, debt advice, students, youth
  • Colchester (Essex): serve in church plant, kids and students
  • Cambridge: kids, youth, students, community outreach
  • Attleborough (Norfolk): youth, community outreach, evangelism

And many more!

But it’s not just the UK, we’ve also got opportunities in:

  • Stockholm, Sweden
  • Helsinki, Finland
  • Frankfurt, Germany
  • And new placements in Kenya!

If you want to find out more about ID, either for yourself or for someone you know. Check out our webpage or get in touch with Matt Fell


Source: Relational Mission

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