David Devenish

Newfrontiers Together Team

David is based in Bedford, UK and is an elder at Woodside Church.  He is married to Scilla; they have four children and currently 6 grandchildren.

For most of the recent past, David has been working primarily in the Russian-speaking world and overseeing the planting of churches in the part of the world known as the 10/40 window.  More recently he took on the leadership of Catalyst and served within the UK and also amongst the many churches that the Catalyst team serve in other nations. Currently that team is serving churches in around 50 nations. In June 2017 David passed on the leadership of Catalyst to Simon Holley, whilst remaining part of the Catalyst leadership team.

David now gives his main attention to leading the Newfrontiers Together team which leads and facilitates what Newfrontiers continues to do together through collaboration and interdependence between apostolic leaders.

Part of David’s role in international ministry has caused him to study how we send people into different cultures and contexts and as a result he has developed teaching on a range of cultural and contextualisation issues which he presents training on frequently and he is also seeking to coach and develop many other embryonic apostolic ministries around the world.  David also represents Newfrontiers to other apostolic networks and movements with whom we have good and fruitful relationships

Before working in Christian ministry, David worked as a civil servant for the British Government in international trade negotiations and one of the highlights of this job included being part of the first United Nations working party on the debt problems of developing countries.  Following that he started working in international banking where again he was providing project finance into parts of Africa and Eastern Europe and all of this contributed to his heart for the nations that he still has to this day.