Youth Culture | 9th February

Newday, Training leaders January 18, 2019

NEWDAY PRESENTS: YOUTH CULTURE 2019 Serious youth violence is increasing, mental health issues are growing and sexual liberty is leaving more…

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Battle for the Mind

Audio/Video, ChristCentral, Training leaders December 10, 2018

Recently David Holden & the New Ground team spent a day recording three sessions based upon the material which is…

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Understanding Islam

Catalyst, Training leaders June 29, 2018

Tony Thompson and the team at Hope Church Luton are pioneering work equipping believers in the UK to engage well…

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ID placements: We need you…in Frankfurt

Relational MIssion, Training leaders April 3, 2018

Hafenkirche would love to hear from you! We are in the very exciting early stages of church planting in mainland…

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Academy France

Church planting, New Ground, Training leaders March 5, 2018

A year and a half ago, at a meeting with the members of the New Ground France team, we took…

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What’s the big IDea?

Relational MIssion, Training leaders January 26, 2018

ID stands for Intentional Discipleship. Whilst the whole of a Christian’s life is one of following Jesus and by being…

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Comms Workshop: Working in Partnership with the Media

Catalyst, Training leaders January 9, 2018

Would you like to develop a good working relationship with your local press and media outlets? Would you know how…

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Impartation & Training

Confluence, Training leaders November 2, 2017

Training is a broad term, but there is one aspect on which I [Mike Lawson] would like to focus: impartation….

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Impact – An Opportunity to Travel, Make Lasting Friendships and Know God More

Catalyst, Training leaders July 3, 2017

Impact Training is a sacrificial year given over to learning more about God, getting a passion for the nations and…

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Common Ground School of Worship

ChristCentral, Training leaders June 4, 2017

The leaders at COMMON GROUND, in partnership with ChristCentral Churches, would like to offer a great opportunity for those interested in…

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