Planting Churches Together

Church planting, Commission, Training leaders July 11, 2019

The Great Commission, to take the Gospel to every neighborhood and nation, is given to every generation. It has to…

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Impact Stories

New Ground, Training leaders March 29, 2019

Impact is a great way to grow in God, in your character and gifting and to serve in a local…

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Identity in Christ conference report

Relational MIssion, Training leaders July 12, 2018

Along with others from Hope Church Ipswich, Tom Scrivens recently attended the “Identity in Christ” conference put on by Living…

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What’s the big IDea?

Relational MIssion, Training leaders January 26, 2018

ID stands for Intentional Discipleship. Whilst the whole of a Christian’s life is one of following Jesus and by being…

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Impartation & Training

Confluence, Training leaders November 2, 2017

Training is a broad term, but there is one aspect on which I [Mike Lawson] would like to focus: impartation….

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Impact – An Opportunity to Travel, Make Lasting Friendships and Know God More

Catalyst, Training leaders July 3, 2017

Impact Training is a sacrificial year given over to learning more about God, getting a passion for the nations and…

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ID: Intentional Discipleship Applications Open

Audio/Video, Events, Relational MIssion, Training leaders December 10, 2016

ID is Relational Mission’s year-long church internship program designed to help you walk with Jesus into the adventures that he…

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Running Partners pt5

Audio/Video, Relational MIssion September 1, 2016

Mike Betts continues his series on ‘Running Partners’ looking at the role church plays.

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Running Partners pt4

Audio/Video, Relational MIssion August 26, 2016

Mike Betts continues his series on ‘Running Partners’ looking at the role witnessing plays.

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Running Partners Pt3

Audio/Video, Relational MIssion, Training leaders August 4, 2016

Mike Betts continues his series on ‘Running Partners’ looking at the role prayer plays. This is the third part of…

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