Rooted In The Workplace

New Ground, Training leaders October 30, 2018

Many of us will spend much of our waking life in the workplace. With work pressures, a melting pot of colleagues’ opinions and views and a mandate to share the good news of Jesus, it can often feel too much. So how can we root ourselves in Christ so that it impacts our working life for God’s glory?

These are the sort of questions that Professor Paul Fairchild will be addressing in his seminar at Connect 2018.

Paul Fairchild studied biological sciences at the University of Leicester before moving to Oxford to begin his research career, where he studied for a PhD in the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences, focussing on the challenges of transplant rejection.  After spending five years investigating the cellular and molecular basis of autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis in the Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge, he returned to Oxford, where he is currently Associate Professor within the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology and a Fellow of Trinity College, Oxford.  He lectures on undergraduate courses in Medicine, Biochemistry and Biomedical sciences at the University as well as Masters degrees in Immunology and Experimental Therapeutics.  In 2008, Paul Fairchild founded the Oxford Stem Cell Institute (OSCI), for which he served as Co-Director until the end of 2015.  His current research continues to draw on his background in immunology and interest in stem cells to develop new approaches to the treatment of a broad range of diseases with an immunological basis and has filed several patents that have led to clinical trials for the treatment of lung cancer. His work has led to invitations to address world leaders at the World Economic Forum and to serve as government advisor to the Cell and Gene Therapy sector and to the House of Lords Select Committee for Science and Technology.  Paul Fairchild is a committed Christian and has been involved in various churches in both Oxford and Cambridge, most notably Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge and Magdalen Road Evangelical Church, Oxford in which he served as an Elder for almost 10 years.  He is an active member of Christians in Science and a Fellow of the Faraday Institute.

It is a huge privilege to have Professor Fairchild with us at Connect 2018 and we look forward to his seminar, ‘Rooted In The Workplace’.

If you haven’t yet booked in, click here to book your place to join us 23-25 November 2018 at Jubilee Community Church, East Grinstead.


Source: New Ground

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