Rooted In Community

New Ground, Training leaders October 1, 2018

Connect 2018 is taking place at Jubilee Community Church in East Grinstead over the weekend of 23-25 November. As part of the weekend, we have invited some great speakers to lead our seminars. Here’s Akhtar Shah from Everyday Church London, introducing his seminar ‘Rooted In Community’.

There is a spirit of individualism at work in the world, revealing itself in powerful yet subtle and contradictory ways. People seem confounded, unsure as to whether it should be resisted (did you know the UK has a Minister for Loneliness?) or celebrated. But whether its fruit is self-sufficiency, self-interest or the pain of unwanted isolation, the roots of individualism are found in the very earliest days of creation, when Adam and Eve took a bite into unholy self-awareness and found themselves dislocated from the true love and fellowship which are only found in God.

Enter Jesus: with a love stronger and more uncompromising than any force or power ever seen on the earth, Jesus gave himself up completely to put an end to this curse and to call people into all the richness of loving relationship. God’s vision for the church in our time is that we be a wellspring of love and life in our wider communities, so that even as the Gospel works division into the kingdom of the world, Jesus’ unified and indestructible kingdom is being built and revealed – with ever increasing creativity and compassion – to a broken and disconnected generation.


Source: New Ground

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