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A team of 7 from Jubilee Church, Worthing recently traveled to Mumbai in India to partner with one of the churches for a week. The purpose was to make friends, serve and encourage the Church while experiencing Christianity in another culture.

This church works a lot with the poor on the streets and in the vast slums of the city. And it was a truly humbling experience coming from the affluent west, to see first hand the scale of the poverty. Meeting in homes within the slums, we gave our testimonies, prayed and shared food and our lives. It was such a beautiful expression of our oneness in Christ, where there are no barriers of caste or class, just brothers, and sisters expressing their love to one another.

India is a very politically charged country these days, so when we went out with the Karuna medical bus to visit the recovering lepers on the street, we didn’t expect to share Jesus. But one of our hosts encouraged us to read them Bible stories and tell them about Jesus. Peter then led them in a prayer of salvation and about 7 men and women gave their lives to Christ. We then we laid hands on them (remember they are the untouchables in their culture) and the Holy Spirit came powerfully. One guy wept as he was filled with the Spirit, and the two guys from Jubilee wept with him, as a new child was born again into the Kingdom.

This Article was contributed by Rodney Haggar an Elder at Jubilee Church Worthing


Source: Regions Beyond

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