Prayer for Healing!

Audio/Video, News, Relational MIssion April 28, 2017

We all know of people around us facing health challenges and we want to join together in prayer and say ENOUGH! We, the church, have been commissioned to advance the Kingdom by healing the sick, raising the dead, driving out demons and preaching the gospel with Great Power! Sometimes Jesus saw huge crowds and at times healed all who were unwell in such settings. At other times in the midst of crowds Jesus would stop and minister to just one person in the midst of a crowd. In this situation we want to be like Jesus and stop and altogether give time to praying for just one person.

So we (Relational Mission) want to invite you to join with us in praying today for Hazel and Werner Van Kets. Hazel is Angela and Greg Kemm’s daughter and she is suffering from Glomerulonephritis, which is a kidney disease that causes renal failure.

The story goes back many years to when Hazel was 12 years old and had an infection that led to her kidneys being damaged. At that time she was given 10 years to live. Now Hazel is 42, and God has already shown much favour, but her kidneys are starting to fail. Hazel is very ill and is on the list for a Kidney transplant. The next few months will be critical.

The Kemm Family are very much at the heart of our Relational Mission family and the team and I feel that Hazel’s healing is something, that together as a family, we should ask God for. Angela writes:

We would like to see God restore her kidneys to full health as we saw Him do over and over in the Bible. It’s not good ENOUGH to have to use all these other ways out, though we are grateful for doctors and transplants. We want Him to heal as He did in bible days and as I’ve seen Him do when I was in the Townships of South Africa. The time has come for the church to walk in the anointing and expectation of the ‘already’ and not so much the ‘not yet’ which is more our default mode. (Though we accept the ‘not yet’ when things don’t happen as we want as we know the Lord does what’s best in all situations.)

It is for times like this that God has called us all to say ‘ENOUGH’ and join together in corporate prayer. Please pray in faith for Hazel’s healing today. Here are some more facts to help with your prayers:

  • Hazel is now in need of dialysis as creatinine too high in urine. She has seen the transplant coordinator and her name is on the list.
  • The Kemms’ other daughters, Megan and Louise, will be tested as a match for donation of a kidney. Hazel’s husband, Werner, will also be tested, though not as easy a match as siblings.
  • She has now started dialysis and will need this for 4hrs, 3 times a week, until transplant time, or till she dies. It can’t go on forever.
  • A transplant could happen in the next 4-6 months time. Quite a process and anti-rejection drugs for life as well as other life threatening things that need to be observed.

We are so grateful for your prayers.


Source: Relational Mission

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