New Ground April 13, 2017

On Saturday, 29 April the Everyday youth team are hosting our next #NGYouth Celebration at Everyday Church Wimbledon.

Daniel Featherstone and his team have done a great job at organising a night of fun and games, updates, gospel preach and worship. We are excited to have Ben Rowe from the Newday team with us preaching and sharing about Newday 2017.

The heart behind these #NGYouth Celebrations is to have a different New Ground local church youth team host a gospel centred celebration, bringing their own creative flavour to the event. Saturday 29th April will be a fantastic opportunity to invite and bring non-Christian friends along with your youth. The Everyday team run an excellent community and church youth club, and would love to have a night together, introducing people to and celebrating our wonderful King Jesus. These celebrations are good for connecting New Ground young people and local churches with each other, but most importantly with Jesus.

As well as connecting with God and each other, we use these celebrations to share updates on #NGYouth and Newday. We are really keen to support #NGYouth leaders as they work hard at “making disciples”, and give them a way to tangibly connect to the bigger picture and vision of New Ground. The majority of Christians get saved and are called to serve God from a young age. Therefore it’s vitally important we engage our youth as early as possible. If we are to be ‘Raising leaders, impacting communities, planting churches and reaching nations’ we need our young people on board from day one.

We are thoroughly committed to Newday and can’t wait for the summer! We’ll be working hard to support the summer event and link in with the Newday On The Road youth celebrations over the coming years. Don’t forget to use your three free spaces for friends who have never been to Newday, and get as many people booked into the event before the extended early bird tickets (now available until midnight tonight – 13 April).

We can’t wait to see you and your young people on Saturday, 29 April 6-9pm at Everyday Church Wimbledon. The event falls right at the start of the summer term so is a perfect way to kick a new term off after your Easter break. Don’t hesitate to contact Daniel Featherstone or myself – Pete Benton with questions.


Source: New Ground

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