21 Mar

Prayer for the Nation

Catalyst, News, UK

Yesterday, hundreds of leaders and teams from churches across the wider Newfrontiers family gathered together in London for a day of prayer for the UK – lifting up their voices to cry out to God to move in this nation.

The day was characterised by a deep sense of relationship; as friendships were renewed, connections were rekindled, and a collective rise of faith was reawakened for what God longs do to in our nation and the part that our movement has to play in speaking life, hope, justice and mercy into our culture. As we shared communion together in the morning session, it emphasised especially strongly that we are united as one not by our own wisdom, strength or efforts, but by Jesus and his finished work on the cross. Resting in that truth and receiving again from him with a posture of humility, generosity, and open-handedness will increasingly enable us to deepen our work together as Newfrontiers spheres and teams – leading to a greater unity than anything we have known before. We are a family together on a mission, and opportunities like this to stand together and pray for one another emphasise how that togetherness will continue to characterise us moving forward.

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19 Mar

East Africa Apostolic Conference

Catalyst, Church planting, Going to the nations, Training leaders

Catalyst is working with key apostolic leaders representing many hundreds of churches all around East Africa, and recently held our now-biannual East Africa Apostolic Conference in Entebbe, Uganda to serve, equip and learn from one another.

It was an outstanding time of teaching, ministry and honest sharing, with some leaders coming from situations of intense pressure and persecution, whilst others are experiencing rapid conversion growth. There are areas experiencing near revival phenomena, rapid conversions and hundreds of baptisms…whilst in other, supposedly “closed” nations, to be a Christian is life-threatening and to convert is illegal. In one nation, for example, a leader has to destroy his SIM card and get a new one if he even phones a church leader.

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16 Mar

Art isn’t just about communicating a message

Audio/Video, Catalyst, Training leaders

It is often difficult to pin down the value of art. Most people would recognise that art, whether in the form of music, painting, writing, performance or something in between, is valuable. However, defining what that value is and why that should be the case becomes tricky.

One answer that can be offered is that art is valuable primarily because it can communicate a message. For Christians, this is particularly appealing, as we have a message that we feel strongly needs to be communicated! From this point then, it can lead churches to encourage artists in their communities to produce work in line with this goal, but potentially neglect other practitioners whose work does not communicate the gospel so clearly.

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14 Mar

Introducing FACES

Catalyst, Ministry to the poor, Training leaders

Tony Thompson, leader of Hope Church Luton, is one of the founders and the co-chair of FACES (Faiths Against Child Sexual Exploitation) – a partnership of Christian and Muslim community leaders working to oppose child sexual exploitation (CSE) in all its forms. In this blog, he introduces us to the work of FACES, and why it is vital that the church takes a proactive role in challenging the exploitation of children and young people wherever it is happening.

Child abuse is regularly in the headlines, much of it linked with religion. This includes Muslim / Pakistani grooming gangs; abuse by priests within the Church of England and Roman Catholic Churches, and more recently abuse by ministers in the South Baptist denomination in the US.

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11 Mar

Terry Virgo visits the Western Cape Hub in South Africa

Advance, Training leaders

Terry Virgo recently spent 3 weeks in Cape Town, South Africa, with the congregations of Common Ground Church. During his stay, Terry was kind enough to spend an afternoon with Church leaders from the Western Cape Hub, teaching through three pertinent sessions, aimed at church Eldership teams.

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07 Mar

2019 Promo Materials — Blog

Events, Newday

With Newday 2019 inching ever closer, we are starting to get really excited as plans start to come together for the summer. We’ve got some exciting new stuff coming, which we will be sharing soon, that will add even more to the already full on line up of Newday.

With just three weeks until our first price break, there’s no better time than now to get yourselves booked in and save yourself a few pennies. Early Bird tickets are available until midnight on Thursday 28 March 2019.

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02 Mar

Preaching in a Plant: Seven Areas to Focus On

Broadcast Network, Training leaders

A couple of weeks before I (Tom O’Toole) launched Sunday meetings at the newest site of Christ Church Manchester in the City Centre, we did a ‘dry run’ service with just a few of the core team present. A friend of one of the team came along, and in total there were eight people in the room. I preached as though it were a normal service with fifty people there, and tried to teach the Scriptures to the best of my ability with passion, insight and clarity. After the service, the person who had visited said that he had thought he was only coming as a one-off to support his friend, but because of what he had heard in the preach he wanted to join the church and become part of the core team for this new site from day one. This is the power that preaching can have, and I see preaching as something that is central to who we are and that we want to leverage across all of our sites.

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27 Feb

Face2Face Encounters


The Church is one of the biggest providers of care for the homeless in the UK – including many local expressions pioneered by Catalyst churches. In this blog, Heather from All Nations Church in Bedford shares about their ‘Face2Face’ ministry:

In July 2016 Antonio Pinedo felt a calling from God to reach out to those on the streets of Bedford. Antonio was no stranger to their life style; born in Peru he found himself caught up in a life of drink, drugs, crime and involvement with Peruvian gang life. Today he is a passionate evangelist and an advocate for the lost, lonely and marginalised of Bedford. He started the Face2Face (F2F) ministry with a backpack, a flask and some homemade sandwiches, and over the last two years, this has grown into a thriving ministry. A grant from the Catalyst Social Action Fund means that we can continue to offer Sunday breakfasts and alongside this put on termly social events like Christmas meal, summer BBQ and we are now able to fund a regular fortnightly meeting of food, fellowship, worship and a gospel message. Below is a picture of Antonio speaking at the first of these:

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22 Feb

Principled, Contextual Leadership

Broadcast Network, Training leaders

One of the things that you learn before long in church leadership is that often decisions are made that affect people, and yet those people themselves had no say in the decision. Sometimes you will be the one tasked with representing that decision to them. Sometimes you will be the one who the decision affects. Walking these situations well requires deep convictions, pastoral skill and lots of humility.

I (Tom O’Toole) have recently found myself fascinated by Paul’s apostolic ministry into the Gentile world and in particular the Council of Jerusalem. Prior to Paul, Christianity was largely a Jewish phenomenon, and the early converts were either ethnically Jewish or had previously converted to Judaism. After Paul had been commissioned by Jesus to take the gospel to the Gentiles, this left a question hanging that would define the shape of Christianity moving forward: must the expression of Christianity in Antioch, Corinth and Rome match the expression of Christianity in Jerusalem. To put it another way: if a Gentile wanted to become a Christian, did they first need to become a Jew and submit themselves to all that this entailed (particularly the rite of circumcision and the observance of the law).

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20 Feb

Courage for Healing


Jesus is doing incredible things right across our movement as people step out in courage to pray for healing. In this blog, Claire Coggan from the Kings Arms Church in Bedford shares her story of identity, courage, and faith for healing:

Healing is a sign of the Kingdom and we know praying for healing is meant to be part of the normal Christian life for every believer because it’s what Jesus told us to do. He told his disciples, “Heal the sick and say to them the Kingdom of God has come near to you” (Luke 10:9). “As the Father is sending me so also I am sending you” (John 20:21). However, believing it to be true and actually stepping out and praying for people is a challenge! What if nothing happens? What if my prayers are not powerful enough, or what if I leave the person more disappointed? These are all questions that can go through our minds and cause us to step back. Even the disciples sometimes encountered challenge. I used to be afraid to pray for people both inside and outside the church for some of these very reasons, but like everything Jesus told us to do I think He meant it to be a lot simpler than we make it.

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