30 Oct

Rooted In The Workplace

New Ground, Training leaders

Many of us will spend much of our waking life in the workplace. With work pressures, a melting pot of colleagues’ opinions and views and a mandate to share the good news of Jesus, it can often feel too much. So how can we root ourselves in Christ so that it impacts our working life for God’s glory?

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26 Oct

The Blessed Life of the Kingdom of God


The Beatitudes have inspired countless generations before us to build lives and churches that challenge and change the world in which they live. The truths contained within Christ’s teaching have the ability to bring colour and transformation to the darkest and most troubled situation on planet earth.

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24 Oct

A Letter of Gratitude

Catalyst, Going to the nations, Ministry to the poor

Catalyst is working into dozens of nations around the world, raising world-changers in an incredible number of different situations and contexts. One of these is in war-hit Eastern Ukraine, where we recently supported a project to complete the drilling of a new well for a local village – enabling one of the church leaders who has been serving the community with feeding programmes to expand that to provide water too. Here’s the impact it’s having…
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23 Oct

Welcoming our first Commission church in Serbia!

Church planting, Commission, Going to the nations, International

Together with Doug and Duncan from Christchurch, Guy and I have just come back from a trip to the Balkans. The aim of our visit was two-fold. The first was to speak at the annual Balkan leader’s conference in Croatia, and the second to welcome our first Serbian church into Commission. We have been working with the leaders Miro and his wife Sneza for a couple of years now, although Doug has been faithfully serving in Serbia for much longer.

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20 Oct

Regions Beyond eNews 10

Regions Beyond, Training leaders

Read About: Vusa Umilo Conference in South Africa – Gathering leaders across Africa. Trinity Church London, UK – a planting of the Lord.

Download the eNews at the Regions Beyond website.

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18 Oct

God at work

Relational MIssion

When we gather together as a family of churches, we get to hear what is going on in different parts of the RM world, and rejoice together at what God is doing among us. A few months ago we had a gathering where different leaders shared some stories about answers to prayer they have seen in their churches. Here are just a couple, to encourage you and raise your faith. (All names have been changed.)

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14 Oct

The Group You Can’t Join

Catalyst, Ministry to the poor

It’s been so encouraging to hear stories of our churches engaging with the local community, whether it be through Art installations in coffee shops in Birmingham, running Community Festivals in Coventry; missional groups reaching out into prisons; hangouts on the football fields or mother and toddler groups. There are so many unique connection points for people to engage with ‘Church’ and connect to some form of community. Many of our churches run groups as a means of reaching out to the community.

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09 Oct

Prayer & Fasting 2018


On Thursday 4th October, leaders and teams from across the Catalyst Network gathered for a day of prayer and fasting; a day to encounter God and connect with one another. Here’s a quick review of what happened.


The first session of the day was all about getting into God’s presence and allowing Him to speak to us; both individually and corporately. We started with an opportunity to worship – helping to clear away all the distractions and busyness of day-to-day life and focus in again on Jesus – before Wendy Mann and Phil Wilthew brought prophetic encouragements to sharpen us and draw us deeper into worship. There was a truly moving time to pray for one another as many responded to a word to ‘rest’ and received prayer. As people stood together and prayed, it was clear that Jesus was meeting with people powerfully across the room; bringing comfort, peace, and wholeness.

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08 Oct

Rooted Relationships In Jesus

New Ground, Training leaders

We live in a society where there are few lasting relationships, but if you look at the Bible the central relationship between Jesus and his Church lasts for all eternity. If we are to be rooted and grounded in Christ in our relationships, then we need to build quality relationships that stand the test of time. How is this possible?

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01 Oct

Rooted In Community

New Ground, Training leaders

Connect 2018 is taking place at Jubilee Community Church in East Grinstead over the weekend of 23-25 November. As part of the weekend, we have invited some great speakers to lead our seminars. Here’s Akhtar Shah from Everyday Church London, introducing his seminar ‘Rooted In Community’.

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