11 Dec

Invited – Diversity At Crown Church

New Ground

When you hear the words, “race” or “racial diversity,” I [Kiri Kankhwende] wonder what comes into your mind? Maybe your eyes roll and you think, ‘here we go again.’ Or perhaps those words provoke feelings of pain or discomfort, as they remind you of horrible experiences. For some, those words make you happy as your experiences have meant you see diversity as something to be celebrated. Maybe it makes you feel awkward, because you think you might not be qualified to have a view on race and diversity, or that we’ve moved on, or that others may criticise you. Perhaps it’s a bit of all the above.

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10 Dec

Battle for the Mind

Audio/Video, ChristCentral, Training leaders

Recently David Holden & the New Ground team spent a day recording three sessions based upon the material which is included in his book of the same title.

The Bible instructs us to ‘be transformed by the renewing of your mind’ but some Christians live their lives in a state of permanent defeat. David Holden gives practical advice on how Christians can win the battle of their thought lives and fulfil their potential in Christ.

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06 Dec

Giving of our best

Church planting, Confluence, International, Relational MIssion

At The Gathering last week it was announced that Radiant Church, Visalia, USA will be releasing Tom and Josie Shaw to plant a new church in San Francisco, Sanctuary Church SF.

They will also be transitioning out of Relational Mission to join another part of the wider Newfrontiers family, Confluence. Tweeting about the move today, Mike Betts said:

“As a family of churches in RM we desire to be ‘generous on all occasions’ We have the great privilege to express that in sending of our best as Tom & Josie head to San Francisco to plant with Confluence.”

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03 Dec

Partners On The Move – A Letter From Scott Marques

Going to the nations, New Ground

Dear New Ground,

There is always so much to be thankful for in being part of the worldwide Newfrontiers family. It is a joy to experience something so similar to the Biblical partnership that we read about in Acts and the letters of the New Testament.  

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01 Dec

Church Planting Newsletter | Issue 1

ChristCentral, Church planting, News

This is the first issue of our Church Planting Newsletter that we hope becomes a regular occurrence on our ChristCentral News Page. This issue discusses 2020 Initiative, Church Planting Training, how to get involved and A first hand Church Planting experience from Halifax.

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28 Nov

Cosmic Chemistry: Uniting for the Gospel


What does it look like for churches to partner together in gospel unity to share Jesus with their city? In this article, Steve Bavington, member of ChurchCentral Birmingham and Director of ChaplaincyPlus (a charity supporting the business community and providing opportunities to explore the Christian faith), talks us through last week’s ‘Cosmic Chemistry’ event in Birmingham, which did exactly that:
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26 Nov

Building Projects and Building Faith at Lifehouse Church

Church planting, Confluence

After three years of leasing space, Lifehouse Church (Tennessee) felt led to step out in faith and buy a 3-acre piece of land. In order to afford the new property, we went back to meeting in a local school on Sunday mornings. That meant we’d also need to set up and tear down every week, but our church was up for it. We bought the property and waited to see what God would do next.

Ten months after moving our meetings back to the school, the building we had previously leased was repossessed. Amazingly, we were asked if we would like to make an offer. It seemed impossible: many investor groups were trying to buy the property and the odds of our church qualifying for a loan seemed small.

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16 Nov

Salt And Light In Zimbabwe

Going to the nations, International, New Ground

I [Dale Barlow] have recently returned from ten days in Zimbabwe, first visiting River of Life Church in Harare and then attending Disciple Nations’ yearly get-together called MegaVision in Bulawayo.

Over the last ten years, I’ve been to Zimbabwe when there has been food but no money to pay for it; when there has been money but no food to buy with it; but currently there is money and food, but most of it is in the storeroom and not on the shelves.

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09 Nov

Changing the spiritual atmosphere

Church planting, Going to the nations, International, Relational MIssion

Maurice Nightingale spends a lot of his time travelling to church plants and other pioneering situations around the RM family. IN this short video he tells us about some of the changes he has seen in recent months, as a result of our prayers at ENOUGH and other occasions.

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01 Nov

Prayer for Pakistan

Catalyst, Going to the nations

Many of you will have seen the news from Pakistan yesterday, where a Christian lady named Asia Bibi was acquitted of blasphemy charges which had seen her held on death row for eight years. The ruling has seen a violent response from hardliners who support strong blasphemy laws in the country. Our friends Pervez and Jeremiah, leaders in the church there, have sent us the following request for prayer:
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