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Church planting, Going to the nations, International, Regions Beyond August 4, 2017

We had Our Big Launch with bunting, people flying in, collections and celebrations back in March and it already seems like years ago! Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who sent messages, prayed or visited over that time – it was incredible. Naturally we were a bit worried about the week afterwards – a bit like releasing ‘the difficult second album’ after a hit album. We needn’t have worried as God brought along visitors and the kids from the boarding school where we meet joined in with us dancing and celebrating. It felt like we really had momentum going.

Sadly the following week we were kicked out of the school! We have since been meeting in our garden – setting up our chairs in rows as if we were in a hall. God has been gracious to us and we have had visitors every week. It is such a privilege to bring the gospel of grace to this city, and we are thrilled to report that it is drawing in people from all colours and classes, which is our dream. We had our first baptism which followed on from an outreach trip to Lesotho – it was a brilliant weekend.

We couldn’t have got this far without being connected with Regions Beyond. We’ve enjoyed visitors from Utrecht, Galilee, Clarens, and Orpington and Worthing in the UK. We’ve even had a guy move from Bromley, UK to be with us for a year – Kevin the window cleaner – and what a blessing he is. He was in charge of the new urn this morning as we tried to do teas and coffees in the garden. God knits us all together with our different gifts and personalities, and as well as having a lot of laughs, we enjoy God’s presence, learn together and prop each other up in the tough times – it’s a very intense but precious experience. We’re looking forward to seeing what God will do.


Source: Regions Beyond

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