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Going to the nations, Regions Beyond July 20, 2017

Fusi writes: Lesslie Newbigin once said “Foreign missions are not an extra; they are the acid test of whether or not the Church believes the Gospel.” and I have to say I fully agree with him. Having just sent a team from Cityhill to the Philippines to support Kim and Smile and the church in the advance of the gospel, we were so thrilled to hear their report of how God did some outstanding work through them. Below is a short report compiled by two of our young ladies who participated in this mission. See if it won’t excite you, and also add value to Newbigin’s statement.

Prim says: Our purpose was clear:

  1. Bless the place and leaders of the new church plant in Bulacan- The location and leaders were lifted in prayer & prophetic words were spoken to claim ground.
  2. Train and Equip the prophetic team- There was a session for the members to learn more about the gift of prophecy and exercise it.
  3. Youth camp’s theme: ‘Salvation in the name of Jesus’-110 people responded to the alter call to accept Christ as their Lord and Saviour. The very sight of people walking to the front, in a posture of surrender was breathtaking. And the victorious celebration that followed it – we couldn’t stop singing and dancing. We had sessions touching base on key Christian doctrines followed by breakout sessions for discussion and prayer. a truly life changing moment!

Hannah says: I saw God in community! As a group from Dubai, I learned so much from the way we challenged each other to step outside our comfort zone. Our early morning prayers helped me to renew my mind in remembering to serve the church well, and our friendships with each other deepened. We learned new things about each other and helped hone each other’s gifting.

At Grace City Fellowship Camp, I met people who deny themselves to serve others; I saw young men and women who suffer discomfort to glorify God. I saw the youth who are able to see Christ in the leaders who serve them, and they are able to see themselves in them. I’ve been blessed and humbled to witness God’s amazing work firsthand this year at the camp. It’s a life-changing, life-equipping, Christ-encountering, gospel-centric camp.

And it’s true what this country exclaims: It’s more fun in the Philippines!


Source: Regions Beyond

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