MVMT Updates: Red Door San Diego

Advance, Church planting, International, News March 2, 2016

Red Door is a growing church in San Diego, California. We are a Jesus-centered church in the city of San Diego for the good of San Diego.

We wanted to share a quick update with our Advance family about a recent move. By God’s grace we outgrew our old gathering space at a local elementary school and are now meeting just a few miles away in a Baptist Church’s building.

We would love for you all to be praying for us in the following ways:

1. Praise God for providing us this space that meets all of our needs and allows us room to grow! He is so good to give us above and beyond what we asked for!

2. Pray for the new neighborhood that we are gathering in. That the Gospel would gain momentum among neighbors and local businesses, and that we would reach many people we were unable to reach before.

3. Pray for our hearts to trust God in the midst of a big transition. Our hope is that this will bring unity and growth to our church and that no one would slip through the cracks.

With love,

Jake Chambers


Source: Advance

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