Multi Site Launch in Aldershot

Church planting, Commission, News, UK February 9, 2017

For 15 years Jubilee Church has been active part of the Christian community in Farnham, serving schools and working with parents, young people and children. In all we have done we have sought to see God and our neighbour loved as we pursue our motto of: loving God, loving others and loving life. Over those years we have felt God shaping us as a church to have an impact not just here in Farnham but also in the surrounding area. Three years ago a few of us journeyed to Bordon & Whitehill to join the Christian community there to start Jubilee Church Bordon. Now we find ourselves on the edge of a new season as we embark on becoming one church in three locations.

This year we are going on another journey, another adventure…this time to Aldershot.

Aldershot is a garrison town with a long history with the British Army. Although that relationship remains, new developments and opportunities are reshaping the town. Aldershot has about 40,000 residents and connected to Camberley and Farnborough to form one of the largest urban areas in the UK. Over the next 10 years over 3,500 houses will be built and 12,000 new people will move in to make it one of the largest population centres in Hampshire. The town has an active Christian community that includes a broad range of denominations and nations and spearheads many key services for those caught up in poverty.

Many of us who have been worshiping in Farnham live within or on the border of the Aldershot. A key idea that continues to shape us as Jubilee is that by locating a church in Aldershot we are like a battalion joining an army of other churches, adding something that together will turn the tide of the battle. On Sunday 29th January we launched with a team of 54 adults, teenagers and children; ordinary people on an amazing journey together, following Jesus.

On Sundays we meet at 10 o’clock in the morning at The Wellington School in the Beaumont area of Aldershot. Our services are informal and contemporary with excellent Children’s work and a family service suitable for all ages. We really care about Aldershot and we believe we have a role in making it a better place. Our invitation to those we meet is that they will join us on our journey following Jesus and living out his plan for us: Loving God, loving others and loving life.

So welcome to…Jubilee Church Aldershot.

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Source: Commission

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