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Church planting, Going to the nations, International, New Ground May 31, 2018

One fantastic thing about being a part of New Ground is the relationship with the wider family of churches sharing a common vision both in France and across Europe.

It’s so precious to have regular apostolic visits from New Ground leaders, bringing valuable input and keeping our vision alive with their teaching and encouragement. We at La Source, Montpellier, have recently been blessed by visits from Dave and Liz Holden, and from Henk and Eunee Kersten.

Dave spoke from 2 Corinthians 4:7-11 about treasure in jars of clay and how God uses ordinary people. It was a very encouraging and missional word and served as a great reminder for us to be authentically engaged with the society around us.

Henk left us with plenty of food for thought about keeping our hearts healthy (nothing to do with the Mediterranean diet!). They prayed with us and for us, gave advice, and reminded us of exciting events in other New Ground churches, including churches being planted.

We’ve also had our share of exciting events here – our Béziers group has been holding Sunday meetings monthly since October 2017, which attracts 25 to 30 people, and they’ve just seen their first conversion.

In Montpellier, our student group started 2018 quite small, but now draws around 20 people, including a number of non-Christians. The church has grown in stability and maturity over the last year and we now have seven house groups, encouraging all members to commit to one.

We’re looking forward to our popular annual church weekend in Sète, with teaching from Paul Hayter from the Rennes church, and are planning to baptise four people in the Mediterranean!

We have important contact and fellowship with other New Ground churches in France. Some of our leaders went to New Ground’s “Ascension” conference in Paris in early May. Our elder, Stuart Radley, said: “It was really dynamic, with great worship and inspiring teaching!” And we have four people studying on the French Academy as part of the Lyon base.

Talking about challenges for the future, Stuart added: “Growing bigger is one! We are always on the lookout for a more suitable, permanent meeting place, and we need wisdom and guidance for that. There are many churches in France that remain at the size of church that we currently are. Our challenge is to grow through that threshold and to become a church that can help and resource other church plants. We are seeking to build a stronger leadership, to multiply pastoral ministry, build a strong prayer life and find effective ways to reach out and disciple new believers. Please continue to pray with us for these things that we may truly bring glory to Jesus in the nation of France!”


Source: New Ground

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