Love Is The Mission

ChristCentral, Going to the nations, International June 25, 2018

It’s under two weeks until Go Zambia 2018! 

Preparation is in full flow and we’re dreaming big of what could happen this year. Sun cream has been bought, suitcases are being packed, and I [Ruth Coleman] am thinking of ways to beat my hide & seek spot from 2017…how do you top hiding in a freezer?!

Whilst dreaming and thinking about this year, I’m constantly being brought back to the people & children we’ll be meeting.

Often mission or voluntary trips to more physically deprived areas are focused on feeding the poor, building projects, or some kind of physical gesture to help the poor in that area. Yes, these things are vital and something we’ll be doing, but for Go Zambia we don’t just want to provide food. We want to provide love. 

Mother Teresa says: “Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.”

As a team, we want to love. That’s our mission. Because love changes everything. A hug makes all the difference. Holding a hand can mean acceptance. A smile changes someone’s day.

‘To love’ is actually simple. The question is what does it look like for you in the moment. For us in Zambia it may be to give someone a bowl of porridge. But equally it may be to play with the kid that doesn’t have anyone to play with. It may be to hold the hand of someone who has been rejected by their friends. It may be to sit with someone begging on the road. And for me the challenge is daily. How can I love the person in front of me? Whether it’s in Zambia or in the UK, how can I love people well?

And so that’s what I’m dreaming about – love changing people’s lives. My dream is that on this trip people know that they are valued, that they are important and that they are worth something to someone.

I invite you, dream with me.

Love Ruth & The Team x

Activities planned for this years trip include:
– ‘schools sports day’ for the street children
– teaching the young girls at the orphanage craft & baking skills
– organising sports for the community including rounders and basketball
– gardening & cleaning at the orphange centres
– feeding projects for the poor
– epic games of hide & seek

For those who pray:
– health for the team
– safe & smooth travelling
– team friendships
– people to know they are loved


Source: ChristCentral Churches

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