Jubilee in Livingstone- Zambia

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Last month, a team from South Africa led by Gary Welsh, visited our friends in Livingstone, Zambia. One of the team members was Justice Mofokeng from Clarens. We caught up with Justice and asked him about the trip.

Question: When Gary first asked you to accompany him to Zambia, what was your first reaction?

Justice:  I was very excited! I have been before and built some good friendships with the people in Livingston and so I was so glad to see them again and also find out how they are doing.

Question:  Tell us about the work there?

Justice: Since our last visit, the church had moved from the town centre to a plot of land quite some way outside the town, which meant that many are not able to travel out to the new area. That’s impacted the church quite severely as they left quite a few behind but it has also opened up a whole new area for the preaching of the gospel. Most of the people live in very poor conditions, houses are informal and there is much need for hope in this new area. So, although there was pain in the move, here is also new hope.

Question: How did you feel on arrival at the church? Encouraged?

Justice: There was so much rain! Unbelievable! It was very difficult and made it hard to prepare for the meetings. We were so pleased when Gary prayed that God would stop the rain – He did! The morning it was clear and some came from the informal settlement and also so many friends we had met before. They speak a similar language to my Sesotho called, Lozi, and so it was such fun speaking to everyone and making new friends.

Question: What was the outcome of the outreach and weekend meetings?

Justice: I was shocked at the suffering when we went into the homes. Sometimes 10-plus living in small dwellings, such poverty. When I saw this I understood why God has placed Jubilee Church there – they really need help and salvation. When we gathered for the meeting on Sunday, not many came but we did see some and we also saw salvation! What made me very happy was seeing our Regions Beyond values worked out in such a remote place – lovely! Even in such an unusual place I was happy seeing their sign, ‘Jubilee Church part of Regions Beyond’.

Question: Looking ahead, what are you hoping for in Zambia?

Justice: They need committed leaders, especially a visionary leader. They are a great team who I love but they need this leader.

Question: Final thoughts?

Justice: Zambia needs help. We must invest there, it needs us and kingdom initiatives.


Source: Regions Beyond

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