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New Ground, Training leaders March 29, 2019

Impact is a great way to grow in God, in your character and gifting and to serve in a local church. It is a discipleship gap year where you develop and learn alongside others with a chance to discover your calling and be equipped for the life God has in store for you.

We asked some of our Impacters (past and present) to tell us about their time on Impact. 

Impact was a very important year for me. I was pretty burnt-out following my teacher-training year, and wanted to revitalise my relationship with Jesus and grow in my understanding of theology. Not only did Impact help me in these areas but also provided me with many opportunities in my church, which proved crucial in equipping me and propelling me into my dream job as a full-time Church Youth worker.

– James

I did impact year in 2014/15 and I can honestly say it was one of the best years I have had. After Impact I served in my church for another year before gaining the job I have always wanted, working in a school for the deaf. God taught me so much about who He is and His grace and who I truly was in Christ and where he wanted me to be.

– Matthew

When I did Impact Training I was a very new Christian. I was more mature in years than your average Impacter but felt very immature in my walk with God. I found an environment sympathetic to everyone, regardless of age, background or knowledge. I came with very little biblical understanding and indeed very little experience of the Christian life but received amazing teaching, which has stayed with me ever since. It was a joy to be with the leaders and other Impacters and learn from them. So if you want to learn more about God with fun thrown in, try Impact Training.

– Debbie

My name is Hajni and I’m from Romania. About five years ago, I was in a really dark place, struggling with hidden depression. While on Impact, I experienced God’s healing both physically (from scoliosis) and emotionally. More than anything I got to know myself and see that I’m able to do far more than I ever thought possible. I’m currently studying counselling after getting a degree in social work. I’m also working with children from low-income families. I would never have had the confidence to believe that I could help others if I hadn’t had that year. I’ve experienced what it means to be accepted and loved for who I am, and I’ve learnt to love myself.

– Hajnalka

While I did gain a lot of revelation from our studies in Scripture and discussions of relevant topics, the greatest gift from impact was being part of a group of fellow interns. We were going through the same experience and it meant so much to me to have a community across the region to lean on. It was such a joy to gather as a family and I always came away strengthened in my heart and mind. The impact this had on me was compounded by the fact that I was from another country.  It was an experience in the reality of the global body of Christ like I’d never had before.

– Garette

My name is Joy and I’m from the States and I signed up, jumped on a plane, and came to England in 2017. I chose to do Impact because I wanted to grow in my faith and do some cross-cultural mission work. The biggest takeaway I got from Impact was to take responsibility for my own spiritual growth. The leadership and theology training, as well as the character development, I received through the Impact course has really set me up well for the work I am currently involved with and I am so thankful for it!

– Joy

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Source: New Ground

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