Hanseatic League: A Philosophy for Church Planting

Audio/Video, Church planting, Going to the nations, Relational MIssion May 9, 2017

At our last ENOUGH evening we introduced and prayed into a prophetic word we had regarding the Hanseatic League.

As a family God has directed us to a number of mission fields. One of these is Europe, stretching from the UK across mainland Europe and up in the Scandinavian nations. God has spoken to us recently about how he wants us to develop our strategies for more churches in this region.

The following video explains a prophesy that has lead us to believe that God wants us to make a fresh push for church planting in Europe and that he wants us to model it on an historical trading system called the Hanseatic League.

Please continue to Pray for:

 Wisdom for the Relational Mission teams as they try to apply the Hansa philosophy to church planting in Europe.

 Ask God to reveal to us more about what it means for us to re-create the Hanseatic league for spiritual purposes.

 Pray that churches across Europe will find ways to get involved in each other’s mission. That God will help up to see how we can share resources, defend each other and plant more and more outpost for the kingdom.

 That God will provide more workers to go and plant new churches. (Is he calling you?)

If you require any further information please contact Mark Andrews


Source: Relational Mission

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