Guy’s Latest Blog: Easter in London

Commission April 11, 2017

Heather and I are enjoying our first spring in London, we have walked most of the famous parks, and have been stunned by the beauty and colour of tulips, daffodils, cherry blossoms and magnolias, a visual extravaganza on each path we have walked. The weather has been warm and young Londoners cover the grass some wearing suits or floral dresses. Ice cream vendors do a brisk trade as busy workers take a moment to relax, pausing to look up into the clear blue sky and the next aircraft circling Heathrow.

The Westminster Bridge attack broke our reverie, a brutal and sad reminder that all is not well with the world. One man’s hatred and demonic deception unleashing pain and panic at the heart of our capital.

Heather and I walked Westminster Bridge and Parliament Square in the aftermath of the attack, a sombre mood, people laying flowers, strangers embracing police officers, tears running down faces and many a written message asking “why?”

As we approach this Easter I am reminded and stirred prophetically to remember the days after Diana’s funeral. London was decked in flowers and a sense that her death was a prelude to God life, and that from the rottenness and decay of our liberal society Jesus would bring about a great revival in his church and a turning of our beloved nation.

I felt those stirrings again as I saw the flowers around Westminster. I have been so impacted by a book called The Crucifixion by F Rutledge, and her chapter on “the gravity of sin”. It’s so powerful, I quote “the human condition is not only one of captivity, but also of active complicity”. We need to pray, we must witness, then gather to worship our saviour who has defeated once and for all Sin, Death and the Devil.

Heather and I are praying for all our Commission, Newfrontiers, and indeed all gospel preaching churches to know an Easter of salvation. Many strangers, prodigals and guests filling our buildings and finding Christ, our majestic, loving, ascended King of Kings and Lord of Lords.


Source: Commission

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