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Church planting, Confluence, International, Relational MIssion December 6, 2018

At The Gathering last week it was announced that Radiant Church, Visalia, USA will be releasing Tom and Josie Shaw to plant a new church in San Francisco, Sanctuary Church SF.

They will also be transitioning out of Relational Mission to join another part of the wider Newfrontiers family, Confluence. Tweeting about the move today, Mike Betts said:

“As a family of churches in RM we desire to be ‘generous on all occasions’ We have the great privilege to express that in sending of our best as Tom & Josie head to San Francisco to plant with Confluence.”

We deeply love Tom and Josie, and will miss them dearly, but we send them with willing hearts and open hands to a family which we believe will be best able to serve and support them in this next phase of their journey.

Mike and Tom made this short video to explain more:

And for even more detail, check out Tom’s blog, where he shares the recording of his announcement to Radiant Church, details of the team that is already gathering and preparing to move, and a video from Bryan Mowrey, who heads up Confluence.

Tom also lists three ways you can get involved:

3 ways you can get involved


We would be foolish if we thought that we could accomplish anything without prayer. Only through the power of God can we a thriving and healthy community established.

Please do pray, and if you want to receive a regular specific newsletter, than email me at


San Francisco is a global city and I believe God wants to pour many from many nations into this church right from word ‘Go’. We already have people expressing interest to come and be a part of this from multiple countries. If you feel a potential stirring or know of others who come to mind, reach out to me on the above email.


If you are interested in giving financially, big or small, one off or regular (if poss), please click on here:


Source: Relational Mission

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