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Church planting, Confluence, Going to the nations, International, New Ground February 19, 2019

This time last year, Confluence was in the middle of a name change. Previously, our family of churches had been known as Newfrontiers-USA, and in keeping with many other Newfrontiers churches, we wanted a name that better emphasised our shared mission and didn’t limit us geographically. Over the past year, as we’ve embraced our new name and a renewed sense of being on mission together, we have seen exciting growth in multiple areas. Locally, regionally, and internationally, Confluence is growing deeper and wider.
Several local churches have moved into new buildings or are in the process of doing so. Jubilee Church in Kirkwood, MO recently received approval from city alderman to construct a new church building on property that’s been under contract since 2017. After being turned down by the city twice and bumping into several other obstacles along the way, Jubilee eventually received unanimous approval to build a new church building on the property. The church prayed, God moved, and they’ll soon break ground at a prime location in the city. (Watch a video from the Jubilee elders here to learn more.)

For the past nine years, New Community Church in Tacoma, Washington had been meeting in a high school auditorium. Recently, they merged with another local church, combining resources and moving into the other church’s building (a renovated movie theatre). They began meeting as one church on 2 December and are now gathering over 500 people on Sunday mornings. NCC has seen growth not only in numbers but in diversity, as people from a variety of ethnicities, age groups and backgrounds join them.

In December, Tom and Julie Shaw officially announced the launch of Sanctuary Church San Francisco. The Shaws will be moving to the city in June, and their team is making plans to join them soon. San Francisco is one of the least-churched and most diverse cities in the US. We’re full of faith for what God will do through Sanctuary as they live set apart for Christ in a city full of people who don’t know Him, and as they offer shelter through Him to those who are storm-tossed. You can keep up with the Shaws and Sanctuary Church SF through Tom’s blog.

We’re also seeing our relationships with international partners strengthened. In January, two lead pastors from Confluence churches (Tim Chambers of Christ’s Church of Joplin and Ian Ashby from NewFrontiers Church) visited Nepal. Twenty years ago, a member of Newfrontiers Church began buying Nepalese people out of slavery, and this group of churches grew out of the communities formed by those former slaves. It’s a remarkable story (which you can read on the Confluence blog), and we are looking forward to learning from and serving alongside these Nepalese believers.

By God’s grace, our local churches are becoming more established in their neighbourhoods, our relationships with international partners are growing stronger and we are breaking new ground in major cities [see what he did there?]. These are exciting times and as we grow, we’re increasingly thankful for the example and encouragement of our global family, including all of you in New Ground Churches.


Source: New Ground

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