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Commission, Events, UK October 10, 2016

1 in 3 adults in the UK are single.

That’s approximately 22 million people.

Of these, only 15% (3.2 million) attend church once a month.


The topic of singleness in the church is a hard one to breach. It seems that if you come down too strong on one side, it can still sound like you’re ultimately pushing marriage as the end goal of a Christian’s life and if you come down too strong on the other side, it can sound like you’re a super sensitive singleton who hates the institution of marriage. This blog post is not intended to be evidence for either extreme.

The reality is (as the statistics above show) that there are a lot of single people in our society and as a church, we have as much responsibility to be reaching them as any other group. I know those who would struggle to promote 10:10 because they don’t have anyone in their churches to ask, and that in itself raises a significant question. The unfortunate reality is that sometimes within our churches, single people can be left feeling inferior and marginalised because they aren’t married – that they are stuck in a waiting phase and that ultimately they aren’t truly fulfilled until they enter the union of marriage.

This is not the heart of the gospel and this is not the heart of God.

God calls every one of us into a relationship with him, gifting us all uniquely for a path he has called us to and designed for us individually. This is what 10:10 is all about: knowing that living life abundantly is not restricted by our relationship status and understanding that true fulfilment is found in God alone. It’s not a day only for those Paul-like individuals amongst us who are convinced that singleness is their calling for life, but for anyone who is in a state of being single – be that for a month, a year or indeed a lifetime.

We are going to be massively blessed by two fantastic speakers, both bringing a unique but powerful perspective on what it means to live whole-heartedly for Jesus wherever and whoever we are. I am so excited to hear what they are going to be bringing, confident it will help cement an understanding of our rich identity in Christ and how this works out in everyday life.

So come and be encouraged, come and be re-envisioned and come and spend time with God’s people in God’s presence. It’s going to be an exceptional day.

Date: Saturday 26th November 2016
Place: Citygate Church, Bournemouth
More info: Here


Source: Commission

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