New Ground December 5, 2018

Luke Smith is a part of the New Ground Worship team and has just released his new album. Luke is also a part of New Community Church, Welling venue. You can read about the story behind his new album ‘Devote’ below.

Being a part of various worship teams over the years has helped to shape me as a worshipper and also as a musician. I began learning the electronic organ at the age of eight, then branched out into learning the pipe organ and piano during my GCSEs. I have since taught myself bass guitar and acoustic guitar.

I first became a part of a worship team at Grace Church (part of Commission) when I was at Chichester University studying music. During my time there, the church launched a site in Bognor Regis where my wife and I were asked to lead the worship team. Due to a change in work situation we moved to East Grinstead, where we were for three years, again involved in the worship team. This was also the time I started getting involved in the New Ground Worship team. We then felt a strong calling from God to move to Welling last year and to be involved in the multi-site that was just starting, part of New Community Church. We now lead the worship team at this site.

My new album was released on 14 October 2018 and came about following a conversation with Rowena (my wife). She likes to listen to music while doing her bible study/devotion, the only problem is that when she listens to worship music she can be distracted by the lyrics. We started trying to find simple, instrumental worship music that could be used as background music for devotional times, but there wasn’t a lot available. It was then that I decided to start recording some for her, using a midi keyboard with my laptop.

I was recording about one track a week over a couple of months, when I thought that the tracks could be useful to other people too. I explored the idea of recording these arrangements on an acoustic piano, so got in touch with Luna Studios (Luke Fellingham) and I spent two days recording the album at his studio.

I have already heard some really encouraging stories of how it’s helping people in their devotional times. I’m continuing to pray that it can be used as a resource to help people grow in their relationship with God.

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