Dave & Liz Holden in Mozambique

Going to the nations, Ministry to the poor, New Ground August 3, 2018

Dave and I recently spent two weeks in Southern Africa with Scott and Claire Marques, who lead the Newfrontiers network of churches, DNA (Disciple Nations).  Scott has been working into Nampula, Mozambique for the past nine years establishing a kingdom business initiative called Eggs for Africa. We had a week in Mozambique with them and a team from the Atlanta and Nashville Newfrontiers churches, who are involved in giving support to the International school there.

In a land of extreme poverty, there are many incredible initiatives that have been started that show the kingdom of God in an extraordinary and powerful way. Spending time with the leaders and managers of each community was inspiring and humbling as we witnessed their faith and dedication in a very challenging environment; the constant threat of malaria being just one of them.

We met with Andrew Cunningham who came here 12 years ago to start chicken farming. He shared his vision to see God’s concern for the poor; to see them raised up, that He sees people holistically, that work has meaning and that they can live fruitfully. With time and with each community sharing the same vision, they have formed a synergy of Christ-centred communities under the umbrella of COM – Communities of Fusion.

Here are the communities we visited:

New Horizons Mozambique – chickens, now one of the largest producers of frozen chickens in Mozambique.

Eggs for Africa – egg production on the farm, and also providing fresh eggs for small businesses for out growers in more rural settings of Mozambique.

Each of these businesses are operating to such a high standard and seeing incredible output in a very challenging environment. We met many of the employees who take great pride in their work and told us how their lives are now sustainable and that they can provide for their families.

Rapale International School – with dedicated staff and in the process of building more amenities there are now 150 children of all ages and nationalities.

Ebenezer training College – a two-year residential course of training in life skills and agriculture for single young men and women. Spending time with these passionate and bright students and hearing the changes that were brought to bring hope for the future was amazing. We spent an afternoon with them, sharing on the work of the Holy Spirit and praying with them.

Associaco ororomela – a new initiative looking to work with people with mental and physical health challenges.

Estrella de Manha – a health initiative – a clinic right out in the bush village area, where medical staff give treatment, advice and education on things such as malaria and malnutrition.

Lastly and wonderfully, is the local church called Community of Joy. The church has planted four congregations in three languages in different locations. The kingdom initiatives I have mentioned have demonstrated the gospel so powerfully and as a result, many have become Christians. On the Sunday, Scott and Dave appointed four elders as all the communities gathered together. There was such a celebration as the people lifted the elders above their heads!


Source: New Ground

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