Dave Holden’s Diary: April 2017

Equipping apostles, New Ground, Training leaders March 30, 2017

Each month we give an update on key trips and events in Dave’s diary. Please use these updates to pray for Dave and Liz as they travel and serve churches in New Ground and beyond.

March 31st – New Ground Academy, Everyday Church Wimbledon
Dave will be teaching on “Fighting to build a Charismatic Church”
Pray that he will communicate well and is able to impact people on such an important subject.

April 1st – Salisbury
Liz will be speaking at a Women’s day at Grace Church Salisbury.
Pray for a day of blessings and enjoyment.

April 3rd-12th Holiday
Dave and Liz have recently returned from a very hectic trip to the USA with many miles travelled, discussions had and questions answered. Pray for the opportunity for them to relax and be refreshed.

April 18th-20th Newfrontiers Global Team
The Newfrontiers world continues to grow and multiply. Pray that God helps to shape the future as Dave and the other members plan for the next 5-10 years.

April 22nd – Freed for Purpose conference, Eastbourne
This day is for people from New Ground churches to train them so they may provide genuine pastoral care for those with mental illness, addictions and brokenness that they may be set free. Pray for those who are teaching and/or attending for good interaction and equipping.


Source: New Ground

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