Church Plant: West Lothian

Church planting, New Ground, UK October 26, 2016

Kings Church West Lothian continues to take shape and reach out to the local community.

We began planning the church plant about 18 months ago, with a number of couples moving from Edinburgh to this needy area. It comprises a number of adjoining towns that provide affordable accommodation for people working in or around Edinburgh and Glasgow.

We have been enjoying a fortnightly home group where we eat together, worship and pray. Over the summer we also met on a couple of Saturdays in a local primary school. We followed the meeting with a BBQ where we saw a large number of un-churched folk join us from the local community.

Over the autumn we have started to meet once a month on a Sunday afternoon, and advertised in a local community magazine which has a readership of about 30,000. We have just seen the first person come along in response to the ad.

Interestingly, since we began the plant we have seen several families come along to Kings in Edinburgh travelling from West Lothian, unaware that we have started something here. Previously these people wouldn’t have stayed due to the distance however, relationally, they now have a viable church community to connect with on their own doorstep. It feels like God is sending us people now because He knows we can care for them properly.

We have a weekly mums’ group which is growing in popularity, and weekly prayer meetings; one for men and one for women. Many of the members of the church plant attend the Edinburgh New Ground Academy, which is exactly what we need to see leaders developed as the church grows.

We have been invited to a number of joint events with local church leaders who seem very warm towards us, and are encouraged that we have faith to plant a church in the area. Edinburgh and Glasgow are places that many churches want to plant into however, these commuter towns are generally less of a priority. It is early days, but the group of 25 or so are full of enthusiasm which makes it a lot of fun to be around!

We would like to start meeting weekly once we have a regular core of about 50 adults.

Prayer points:

  • For non-churched people to see the advertising and join us.
  • To see the Sunday afternoon gathering attract a regular 50 adults.
  • Continued favour with other churches in the area.
  • Strong leadership to emerge with wisdom and grace for the next phase.


Source: New Ground

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