Children’s worker conference

Commission, Events, Training leaders October 16, 2017

It was at Westpoint 2015 that I [Becky Peacock] first felt a burden to bring together the kids workers from across Commission. I’d had a few conversations with people I was serving with, and with some of the Commission leaders and was encouraged that I wasn’t the only one thinking about this. In March 2016 Ben Martin came to lead the kids work for our church weekend away, Ben was putting together a small team who would make the concept a reality and although I was 7 months pregnant with my second child I responded with a resounding “yes!” to being part of it. It took another year for us to really push forward in our plans, as we all juggled leading our church kids works and planning our programmes for Westpoint, but through that time we were able to attend other kids work conferences and learn from them and think about what our conference should look like.

One of the things about being a kids worker, particular as a volunteer, is that it can be so isolating. It is so hard to know who to chat to when you’re stuck for teaching ideas, what to do with those year 6s who feel like they know it all, how to engage Billy, or why on earth do all my workers keep leaving! My hope for this conference is that it will be a chance for all of the kids workers from across Commission to come together, get to know one another, be envisioned for something bigger and better together, and learn from those who are doing great things.

Personally I want to come to the Commission Kids Workers Conference and get to know a few others who have a similar heart for their kids work and who I can learn from, share ideas with, and go to with my crazy suggestions or frustrations and hear an “I’ve been there too”. I want to meet with God, without worrying about what’s happening in the kids hall, and I want to go home inspired to up my game and give my all to building the Kingdom of God through this generation. I hope you’ll all come and join me in it!

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