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Church planting, Going to the nations, New Ground December 6, 2017

Reaching the end of our fourth year of church planting, we are still holding on to some great words of…

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Cultivating a Family Culture in Your Sunday Meeting

Broadcast Network, Church planting November 25, 2017

Family is such a fitting way to describe what our Sunday meetings portray the larger phenomenon of: a world-wide body…

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Finding a Venue For a Church Plant

Broadcast Network, Church planting November 3, 2017

When you are church planting, you are usually starting with nothing. You typically have few people, probably no money and…

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Happy memories, new friends, and a big shot of faith

Church planting, Going to the nations, Relational MIssion October 27, 2017

Thank you so much for your prayers for the Pioneer conference a couple of weeks ago. If you follow us,…

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Berlin: Who Will Go?

Church planting, Going to the nations, New Ground September 25, 2017

God’s grace atones for sin and removes guilt. Isaiah’s experience of God’s holiness and His gift of saving grace causes…

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Being a Team the Ephesian Way

Broadcast Network, Church planting, Training leaders September 15, 2017

The concept of team is universal, broad and multi-faceted. The practice and fruit of team can be applied to many…

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Brussels – God Uses The Ordinary

Church planting, International, New Ground September 12, 2017

Brussels, a city with so many hidden treasures, a vast history, divided in language and so diverse that every day…

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News From Joy In The City Church In Bloemfontein, South Africa

Church planting, Going to the nations, International, Regions Beyond August 4, 2017

We had Our Big Launch with bunting, people flying in, collections and celebrations back in March and it already seems…

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Pray for Exodus Church, Sweden

Audio/Video, Church planting, Going to the nations, International, Relational MIssion July 28, 2017

At ENOUGH on 7 July 2017 we prayed for our pioneers in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here’s a reminder of how you…

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Faith and Adventure: How to Get Unstuck

Broadcast Network, Church planting June 20, 2017

Getting Stuck – When You Are Going Nowhere One of my favourite Biblical illustrations of the adventurous nature of faith…

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