Heather Miller’s Blog: Thoughts from Texas

Church planting, Commission, Going to the nations January 30, 2018

If anyone thinks they would like to move to the USA, think carefully. The lure of large salaries, large vistas,…

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Guy Miller’s blog: Catch the Moment

Commission, Training leaders January 4, 2018

It’s June, flaming June, the sun beats down upon the green slopes of Maiden Castle in Dorset, and a young…

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Christmas in Portugal

Commission December 22, 2017

Christmas in Portugal takes some getting used to! Just about everybody here in the north of Portugal will be feasting…

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Children’s worker conference

Commission, Events, Training leaders October 16, 2017

It was at Westpoint 2015 that I [Becky Peacock] first felt a burden to bring together the kids workers from…

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The Work in Southampton is Growing and Multiplying!

Commission October 2, 2017

Growth and multiplication have always been the pattern for those who are called by God and who pursue their call…

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Guy Miller’s Blog: The World Is My Parish

Commission, Going to the nations September 29, 2017

It’s early morning on my holiday and I sit and gaze out of our Air BnB window on the Isle…

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‘Equipped’, by Chris Kilby

Commission, Training leaders August 2, 2017

‘Climb a mountain in flip flops and a vest, you’ll be fine’. Err, don’t think so. ‘Sure, you can borrow my car,…

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Heather Miller’s Blog: Thoughts from Serbia

Church planting, Commission, Going to the nations, International May 22, 2017

Guy and I took our first trip to Serbia last weekend to attend a leaders conference organised by Miro and…

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El Encuentro – Spanish Conference

Commission, Training leaders May 12, 2017

High up on a hill outside Alcalá de Henares, once home to Cervantes – author of Don Quijote, with stunning…

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Foundations blog: Angela’s Testimony

Commission, Training leaders May 8, 2017

My name is Angela Vaine, I’ve been married to Geoff for 33 years, we have 3 grown up sons and…

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