Finding a Venue For a Church Plant

Broadcast Network, Church planting November 3, 2017

When you are church planting, you are usually starting with nothing. You typically have few people, probably no money and…

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Everything Starts In the Quiet Place

Broadcast Network October 23, 2017

Have you ever noticed that Jesus didn’t seem all that bothered about inconveniencing other people? Given that he lived the…

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Practicalities of Prayer

Broadcast Network October 11, 2017

I [Jonathan Durke] find praying hard. Of all the spiritual disciplines praying is the one that doesn’t come naturally to…

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Being a Team the Ephesian Way

Broadcast Network, Church planting, Training leaders September 15, 2017

The concept of team is universal, broad and multi-faceted. The practice and fruit of team can be applied to many…

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Faith and Adventure: How to Get Unstuck

Broadcast Network, Church planting June 20, 2017

Getting Stuck – When You Are Going Nowhere One of my favourite Biblical illustrations of the adventurous nature of faith…

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Building an Antioch Spirit Into Your Church

Broadcast Network, Church planting June 3, 2017

One of my  favourite churches in the New Testament is the church in Antioch. This church was based in one…

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Am I Called to Plant a Church?

Broadcast Network, Church planting May 17, 2017

“Am I Called to Plant a Church?” It’s a question that ​many of us ask at one time or another….

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Diary of a Church Planter (by Mark Landreth-Smith)

Broadcast Network, Church planting May 8, 2017

Mark Landreth-Smith is currently planting Bridge Church in Newbury, West Berkshire. He is ably assissted by his wife Beverley and daughter…

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Is Calling a Thing?

Broadcast Network, Church planting May 5, 2017

The answer, of course, is yes – calling is a thing. (Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say…

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Our First Year In Church Planting (with John & Abi Flavell)

Broadcast Network, Church planting, UK May 2, 2017

In September of last year, Abi and John Flavell began gathering people to plant River City Church in Hull, and…

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