Five ‘Do’s and Five ‘Don’t’s of Prophecy in a Church Plant

Broadcast Network, Church planting March 8, 2017

Prophecy is one of the most powerful gifts that God has given to his church, and many of us will…

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Contextualisation on the Ground

Audio/Video, Broadcast Network, Church planting, Going to the nations March 1, 2017

Andy McCullough is a church planter who is currently based in the UK, having previously planted a church in the…

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How to Influence Culture

Broadcast Network February 23, 2017

Elect exiles. This is one of the terms used in the New Testament to describe Christians. An exile is a…

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5 Questions Every Church Planter Needs to Ask

Broadcast Network, Church planting February 10, 2017

The 20th century cartoonist James Thurber once said, “It is better to know some of the questions than all of…

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Church Planting Conference 2017

Broadcast Network, Church planting, Events, Training leaders January 31, 2017

What’s It About? The Broadcast Network was set up to support, train and encourage church planters, and we do this…

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7 Leadership Lessons From Jethro

Broadcast Network, Church planting, Training leaders January 26, 2017

In Exodus 18, we read an account of a conversation that Moses had with his father-in-law, Jethro, where Jethro gives…

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Podcast 057: Making Space For Leaders

Broadcast Network, Church planting, Training leaders January 18, 2017

Colin Baron is a church planting Yoda who has been involved in starting many new churches in Manchester, elsewhere in…

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How Did Jesus Develop His Leaders?

Broadcast Network, Training leaders January 12, 2017

Leadership development is a commonly discussed topics in many circles of church life. We realise that if we are to…

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How to Use Christmas in a Church Plant

Broadcast Network, Church planting December 6, 2016

Christmas is a bit of a weird one when you are church planting. It can feel like it ought to…

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Church Planting – Not Just for Pioneers

Broadcast Network, Catalyst, Church planting, Events, Training leaders December 5, 2016

Broadcast, which is a Catalyst run training programme to help us connect with and send people to plant churches, recently held…

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