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Church planting, Going to the nations, New Ground December 6, 2017

Reaching the end of our fourth year of church planting, we are still holding on to some great words of encouragement. At Ashburnham 2015, PJ Smyth said he felt that the Geneva plant would be like the disciples being sent “where [Jesus] himself was about to go.” (Luke 10:1) We have received many similar encouragements to remain faithful and though we have seen some growth and blessing, we are hungry for more.

2017 was significant for us. We moved our Sunday meeting to a restaurant in the centre of Geneva, held our first Alpha in a café, and started bilingual services. Our Sundays have become more fun as we have breakfast together making our service more open to visitors. Bilingual services were an unexpected development, but as a result, we have been able to welcome some English speakers who are eager to be involved. Our high point of this year was baptising our first convert this summer!

God has sent us two wonderful couples, the first from a Catalyst church in 2016 who have been a tremendous blessing, encouragement and support to us. The other couple arrived this summer from a Relational Mission church. It’s amazing to see that we are still together as one big Newfrontiers family. We had nine people on the Academy in its first year in Paris, and this year we have 12 who are doing it in Lyon (though one of the 12 has actually moved to Lyon!). It is wonderful being connected with New Ground churches near and far!

We are moving to a new location and have created a few small groups across town, but we need prayer support for growth and momentum. We still want to achieve greater freedom in worship and see more gifts of the Spirit on Sundays. We hope to see more conversions and growth, convinced that the best is yet to come, and we need your prayer support for this. We would also like to do another Alpha in the new year.

We have so many dreams and are aware that we need wisdom and faith. Faith to step out and wisdom to know which projects to pursue and when (as people are few and resources are limited).

Thank you for praying for us and for all of you who are also keeping in touch and bringing encouragement and insight!


Source: New Ground

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