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At Ashburnham 2017, the New Ground Youth team coordinated a competition, “The MAD Ting”, which encouraged the young people of New Ground Churches to come up with ideas where they could Make A Difference (MAD) by doing something (Ting) for those in their sphere of influence. The team received many excellent entries and after quite some deliberation our judges decided on a winner. Want to know what they did with the prize money? Read on and learn how these young people are making a difference!

My sister and I were at Ashburnham 2017 and were both in the youth meetings which was really fun. One of the things that we both thought was really good was the big push and encouragement to bless the people around us in small ways (and big ways), to show the Gospel in a practical way.

One way the leaders encouraged this was to introduce what they called ‘The MAD Ting’ initiative which was basically a competition to submit a good outreach idea to win some cash to start up the project… we won!

To understand the idea, you should know that we’re living overseas in a Middle Eastern country. The idea was to make some cards with some money in to give to the ladies who work in the toilets in the shopping malls. We think that it’s sort of customary to tip those ladies and we also suspect that some of them may not get paid anything other than tips. We really wanted them to know how loved they are.

It has taken us quite a while to get the cards made and to be ready because we needed help translating a message into the language (our language skills aren’t that great at the moment!) and even deciding what to say was a bit of a dilemma.

However, almost exactly a year later, we have made the card design, written out a message, found cash in the right change and are ready to give out the cards next time we’re in a mall.

In the picture you can see some of the cards we made. The word on the front means ‘Thank you’.


Source: New Ground

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