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Events, Ministry to the poor, New Ground March 14, 2017

At Ashburnham 2017 we are teaming up with four outstanding organisations who will be equipping and inspiring each of us to make a difference.

Jake was the “parent”, despite being only seven. Caleb, four, was kept in a pushchair, wasn’t toilet-trained and didn’t have enough clothing. The boys slept on the floor and didn’t know when they would next eat. They saw things that children should never be allowed to see, and were fighting for survival.

They were given a fresh start when Peter and Jenny became their foster parents.

When Jake and Caleb arrived at their house, they were small, wide-eyed and weary. Years later, the boys are healthy, smile spontaneously, have friends and are catching up at school. The direction of their lives has dramatically changed.

Every day, more than 70 children like Jake and Caleb are removed from chaotic, traumatic, abusive, or neglectful situations and taken into care in the UK. Our care system is currently in crisis as 9,000 more foster families are urgently needed, and approximately 4,000 children are waiting to be adopted.

We believe the Church in the UK is well placed to transform the lives of children like Jake and Caleb – and ultimately find homes for every child who needs one. That’s the vision running through the veins of the Home for Good movement. However, it’s not just about encouraging Christians to foster or adopt – this is a whole church thing – there’s a role for everyone. Churches can provide amazing communities of support for families that foster or adopt, and we need to make sure that our churches are welcoming places for looked after and adopted children.

There’s a movement rising up in the UK; in towns and cities churches are uniting to run campaigns to find foster carers for their Local Authorities. In one city there’s even a church-run café where foster carers can go, and while they drink a cup of coffee, someone will do their ironing for them!

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Source: New Ground

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