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Catalyst August 21, 2017

You may remember from this year’s Catalyst offering video that as of September 2017, we will be launching a Catalyst Social Action Fund, that churches across Catalyst will be able to apply for. If this is of interest to you, please read below for more information. (Application deadline 29 September)

The Catalyst Social Action Fund (CSAF) is a new initiative amongst Catalyst churches, seeking to help churches begin and expand projects serving disadvantaged people within their communities.

There are two types of funding available:

Feasibility Study: An opportunity for those looking to begin a social action project to receive funding to help investigate the needs in their local area, how you could seek to meet those through a new project, and the impact it could have on those outside the church community. There is a maximum of £1000 available from the CSAF for funding for a Feasibility Study.

New Project or Expansion of an Existing Project: An opportunity for those who are about to begin or have already begun a social action project to receive funding to support the establishment or expansion of the work. There is a maximum of £2500 available from the CSAF for funding for a new project or an expansion of an existing project.

There are a number of criteria which are necessary for an application to receive funding:

  • The project must seek to benefit disadvantaged individuals or groups of people who are outside the church community
  • The project must be connected to a Catalyst church
  • The project must be accompanied by a letter of support from the senior leadership of the church for the application to be processed
  • The application must be for either a Feasibility Study for a new initiative, or to support the work of a new or expanding project
  • The project must be part of a charity with a year’s accounts available, details of which are to be included in the application form
  • The project must provide in the application at least three outcomes which it believes the funding will help it achieve, and agree to submit a review 6 months after the funds are received showing progress towards those outcomes

In addition to this, the more details that a project can include on its application (particularly in regard to any evidence collected which shows how the projected is needed and is unlike anything else being done locally, as well as clear financial details), the more likely it is to be successful. Online applications must be the submitted by the 29th September 2017 with a decision on funding then being made by the 10th October 2017. The money will then be made available immediately to successful applicants.

Once you have completed the application form below, we require a supporting letter of recommendation from your senior church leadership. Contact if you have any questions.

Click here to apply for the Catalyst Social Action Funding


Source: Catalyst

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