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Church planting, Going to the nations, New Ground, Training leaders February 21, 2018

Over the last year and a half, with the help of the leaders from various UK ‘buddy churches’, we have been able to prepare for the launch of Academia, Romania. We have already translated some of the New Ground Academy material and will start gathering the elders from across the New Ground Churches in Romania (Cluj, Jibou, Arad, Iasi and Brasov) for four weekends of teaching throughout 2018. Our first teaching session together begins this coming weekend, 23-24 February 2018.

In Acts chapter 11, Barnabas is sent from Jerusalem to see what is happening in Antioch. On arrival, he is struck by the measure of God’s grace on the people and on their work. Not only through personal involvement and encouragement, but also by inviting Saul (later named Paul) to work with the church, and together ‘they taught a great many people’.

With many gifted people and the excellent Academy material, it is our desire to ‘teach a great many people’ in Romania over these next few years. Working with teams from across New Ground to serve the elders in Romania, we trust that all the Academy material will be translated and available to start the ‘Academy’ for the wider and upcoming leaders from 2019 onwards.

Back to Acts, and we see people like Barnabas and the apostles in Jerusalem working together in teams from different backgrounds. Then bringing in Saul, who was in Tarsus and some time later developing this so that many more teams were sent (see chapter 13). This guy joined in! He wasn’t writing a report, he became a part of it, and his heart was in it! An absolutely amazing attitude and what a blessing!

This is how the various churches from across the UK have been in supporting churches in Romania. They are a continued strength and encouragement for many through serving, giving and praying.

So please join us as we pray for a great launch, for great wisdom for the team involved and for the churches in Romania in their mission to reach the nation and to see new leaders emerge.

On behalf of the whole team and the Romanian leaders,

Henk Kersten


Source: New Ground

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