A fruitful Newday

Events, New Ground, Newday August 17, 2016

A few weeks ago, Glo Youth at Jubilee Community Church travelled to Norfolk to spend a week at Newday.

From my perspective [Wuese Kusu-Orkar], the intensely soul-growing sermons and teaching this year set themselves apart from any other Newday.  Joel Virgo spoke from Matthew 16 in the 15-19 morning meetings, a series which served to challenge each of us about truly and wholly living for God and being like Simon, who Jesus gave the name Peter, the ‘rock’. Later on in the week Muriithi Wanjau reinforced Joel Virgo’s key points, preaching a sermon about God’s purpose for us, calling us to ask God for direction and clarity about his plans for us.

I valued the opportunity to explore creative areas at Newday; the Prayer Space challenged me to step out in faith, and to trust him with my worries by writing them down and giving them over to him. It was a place of worship just as the Big Top was, giving another opportunity to turn to God and really listen to Him. The room was lit up with art and different types of interactive pieces; it was a place of real honesty with God.

The live music lounge gave soulful song writers, like Jake Isaac, and Nate McCarthy from our youth group, a chance to share their material and talent which would connect with the hearts of their listeners.

I spent the week surrounded by my best friends. We supported our teams at netball, football and rounders; lose or lose we definitely enjoyed our time together.

The importance of having people at either side of you, encouraging you relentlessly can’t be taken for granted – and as New Ground Youth we were reminded that we are part of the larger Newfrontiers community which spans all over the world, and at the same time we were reminded of who we are as individuals – singularly special children of God, called to serve him.

At Newday 2016 we were all stirred and called by God to bring the joy and wonder in our hearts out of the campsite and into the streets of our own towns.


Source: New Ground

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