21 reasons to church plant

Church planting, Commission, Going to the nations April 23, 2018

Kevin Bartlett, leader of Cristo Salvador Madrid, gives us his top 21 reasons why we should go church planting:

  1. Church planting is doing what Jesus told us to do – Matt 28:19.
  2. Church planting is a great way of producing new leaders.
  3. Church planting more effectively reaches new neighbourhoods and social groups.
  4. Church planting is a healthy way to create gaps in sending churches for other members to grow into.
  5. Go church planting, see the world and meet new people.
  6. Church planting is a sure way to learn what it means to depend on God.
  7. Church planting, being faced with new challenges & cultures, often leads to greater innovation.
  8. Church planting, statistically, seems to be the most effective form of evangelism.
  9. Church planting is essential simply to maintain the ratio between churches and an expanding population.
  10. Church planting creates a tight-knit community that is on a mission together. Church as it should be.
  11. Go church planting and watch your own children engage directly with God’s great mission to a fallen world.
  12. Church planting is key to reach people cross culturally.
  13. Go church planting and you will have an unforgettable adventure, both with God and with friends.
  14. Church planting means that every member starts to carry new responsibilities. The body in action.
  15. Go church planting and, when faced with new challenges, you will start to utilise dormant gifts and capabilities.
  16. Church plant is very New Testament. Acts 11:21-26.
  17. Church planting causes both sending church and the sent to look out to a fallen, lost world.
  18. Church planting is a great environment for Christians to grow and mature.
  19. Church planting can rejuvenate more established churches.
  20. Church planting is partnering with God to create something from nothing.
  21. Go church planting and leave behind a legacy.

Enough said! Let’s go to it … check out the church planting page for a list of where Commission is hoping to church plant next.


Source: Commission

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